William Blake Beckett

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William Blake Beckett Poems

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29. Back And Forth 12/11/2012
30. Looking Out Of The Window (Haiku) 12/11/2012
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A Warmth Known Only To Me

I see a tundra filled with sparkling white.
I squint my eyes at it's dazzling allure.
And I wonder if it would be alright
If I were to hope to see it once more.

It is snow that causes swells in her chest
And her smile is what always stirs mine.
A flower at worst, an angel at best,
She stands, warm in winter, frozen in time.

Maybe one day I could summon the strength
To confess to her in the Winter heat
That one day we could, together, at length
Enjoy long moments where our eyes would meet.

And should I gaze upon her face again,
I would hope ...

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Two sides to every story,
What if both sides are wrong?
Then you have to find some answers
Can't we all just get along?

The clich├ęs of today
are endless and draining
The mind requires food for thought
But the body's abstaining.

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