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(70-19 BCE / Andes / Cisalpine Gaul)

Poems of Virgil

1. Eclogue IV 4/15/2010
2. Eclogue V 4/15/2010
3. Eclogue VI 4/15/2010
4. Eclogue VII 4/15/2010
5. Eclogue VIII 4/15/2010
6. Eclogue X 4/15/2010
7. Ecologue I 4/15/2010
8. Ecologue II 4/15/2010
9. Ecologue IX 4/15/2010
10. The Georgics 12/31/2002

The Georgics


What makes the cornfield smile; beneath what star
Maecenas, it is meet to turn the sod
Or marry elm with vine; how tend the steer;
What pains for cattle-keeping, or what proof
Of patient trial serves for thrifty bees;-
Such are my themes.

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