Venkateswaran Krishnan Sreenivasan

Freshman - 949 Points [Dharman] (JULY 14,1935 / ERNAKULAM, KERALA, INDIA)

Biography of Venkateswaran Krishnan Sreenivasan

Born of indigent parents as their fourth child
Father served in the Royal Indian Army medical corps as non commissioned officer.A medical graduate and chest physician since 1962.Continues in medical practice. Had a liking for poetry from childhood and wrote poems from my school days

Venkateswaran Krishnan Sreenivasan's Works:

'In the aftermath of freedom' a book of poems published in 2009 and a book on ' HUMAN BEHAVIOR AND DISEASE'in the same year.Continue writing poems and essays for periodicals Updates

My Morning Alarum

The monsoon season heralds slow
With drumbeats and fireworks in the sky
Nature’s frightening celestial show
Hard for humans to predict and vie

The welcome weather glues me to my bed
And slackens my everyday spree for bread
But Mother Nature sends her messengers at dawn
To wake me up with her alarm at morn

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