Vedanth Bhatnagar

[Vincent Barrowcliffe]

Biography of Vedanth Bhatnagar

Of myself, there is little to be known. I am a student. I've enjoyed life to its fullest. And, hence I write sad poetry. I enjoy even the sad part of life. My poems are not appreciated for this very emotion that I fill in them, because I myself shed tears while crafting a poem. But, I hope that these will give a glimpse of my very life to the readers.
I have started a new branch in English poetry, which I call Sorrowism. I am probably the first poet who can only express glimpses of the sad part of life. Updates

Beings Of Light

When in the world and on par with it,
We extinguish the Good-fire already lit,
And enter a world of agonic darkness,
Where no path through life is writ.

We wander and go astray,
And the way remains forgotten,
And in the darkness, greeds that lay,
Turn the pure into rotten.

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