Tyler Tuck

Rookie (9/23/94 / Rochester Hills)

Biography of Tyler Tuck

I'm Just a Normal Nice guy. Im a jock too so i guess im a hybrid haha :) writing peoms just relieves my stress and lets me vent my feelings, getting stuff out of my head: D Most of my work is about love, because i believe poetry should be about something people can relate to, because that's usually why people read poetry, to feel better. My influences are Langston Hughes and Sophie Hannah.

Tyler Tuck's Works:

None, i Would Love to put all my poems into a book though :)

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Winnie The Pooh

Here's the same old you making a brand new debut,
You better not change a single little thing about you,
From the smile to the style of shoe,
Because i love it more than a kid loves the zoo,
So dont even think theres anything you have to undo,
You personality is pure as the sky is blue,
How your this amazing i have no clue,
But what i can tell is there is nothing you cant do,
Between us two,

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