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Biography of Tom Higgins

I was born and grew up here, and apart from a brief spell working at Rolls Royce in Bristol in 1973 I have lived here all my life, so far! Egremont is on the edge of the Lake District National Park and the surrounding area is exceptionally beautiful.I have been married since 1983, and have two daughters.I started to jot down a few words about five years ago, but prior to this time I had not written anything other than a letter or postcard, since I left school in 1971. Updates

Here We Go Again

The planes are in the air again
I learned of this from CNN,
they're off to kill Ghadaffi's men
and make old Muhamar think again.

But bombs and missiles cannot choose,
who will win or who will lose.
They can only make people die,
more mothers left behind to cry.

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