Thomas Bracken

(21 December 1843 – 16 February 1898 / Clones, County Monaghan)

Poems of Thomas Bracken

1. God Defend New Zealand 1/1/2004
2. M'Gillviray's Dream 4/14/2010
3. Not Understood 2/23/2005
4. Pax Vobiscum 1/1/2004
5. Spirit Of Song 4/14/2010

M'Gillviray's Dream

A Forest-Ranger's Story.

JUST nineteen long years, Jack, have passed o'er my shoulders
Since close to this spot we lay waiting the foe;
Ay, here is the mound where brave Percival moulders,
And yonder's the place where poor Norman lies low;
'Twas only a skirmish — just eight of our number
Were stretch'd on the sward when the fighting was done;
We scooped out their beds, and we left them to slumber,

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