Theodora (Theo) Onken

Freshman - 504 Points (Washington State)

Biography of Theodora (Theo) Onken

'People will forget what you've said; People will forget what you did; But People will NEVER forget how you make them feel! '
Maya Angelou.
Theo was born in Washington State.
She lived in Seattle over half of her life and surrounding areas. Married her second husband there and has a beautiful son who is married but with no children as of yet. Theo has many interests, from Internal Medicine to Psychiatry. All the sciences and most especially the study of DNA. She is into learning more and more about the criminal mind, most especially the Sociopath*** who is usually a non feeling criminal who specializes in crime. The worst being: Murder, Burglury, Home Invasion, Intimidation, Assault, Rape and Stalking, *** She is spending the rest of her life in: The Lone Star State of Texas.

Writing has served as an outlet for her during times of great joy and sorrow, health and illness.
She has an extremely close relationship with her God who has helped to guide her and comfort her in her most trying of times.***

Theodora (Theo) Onken's Works:

She is in two books published by the Library of Congress: Journey To The Stars and Across The Abyss and in Whos Who 2002, Libary of Congress.

...And In The Spring

She's not really of the corporeal world
Not earthy - nor made of stone
She's more ethereal in her presence
Much as a flower - fully grown.

Ever embracing those in need of comfort
A companion of compassion's loving care
Always searching for those in need
Those who count their blessings will surely find her there.

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