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Rookie [Taryn Victoria]

Taryn EspositoJozefek Poems

1. Sunrise to Sunset 3/6/2013
2. My Funk 3/6/2013
3. Insanity 3/7/2013
4. What Lies Ahead 4/23/2013
5. 'Hollow' 5/17/2013
6. '5am' 5/17/2013
7. Why I Write 5/17/2013
8. 'Appetence' 5/17/2013
9. “The Hardest Day” 5/24/2013

What Lies Ahead

Childhood laughter haunts my head
Not wanting to face what lies ahead
Eyes closed knees curled up
Wishes the voices would just shut up
Diluted with hope
Fearing I won’t be able to cope
Twisted guts
Am I going nuts?
Rocking silently on the floor

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