Treasure Island

Taryn EspositoJozefek

[Taryn Victoria]

Poems of Taryn EspositoJozefek

1. “The Hardest Day” 5/24/2013
2. '5am' 5/17/2013
3. 'Appetence' 5/17/2013
4. 'Hollow' 5/17/2013
5. Insanity 3/7/2013
6. My Funk 3/6/2013
7. Sunrise to Sunset 3/6/2013
8. What Lies Ahead 4/23/2013
9. Why I Write 5/17/2013

My Funk

It's just one of those days
where nothing goes right
I'm just pissed off and I
just start a fight
I can't explain it
I just get into a funk
I hold in my feelings
like they were locked in a trunk
I get so angry

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