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1. Solitude 2/19/2014
2. A Lonely Walk 2/19/2014
3. That Awful Night 2/21/2014
4. Mummy's Resting Place 2/21/2014
5. An Ode To Paula And Derek 2/21/2014
6. An Autumn Day 2/27/2014
7. Moonlight 2/26/2014
8. Feelings Of Hurt 3/15/2014
9. Winter 5/9/2014
10. Admiration 7/10/2014
11. Sometimes 7/28/2014
12. Ode To The Old And Tired 7/28/2014
13. I Think 7/28/2014
14. Thoughts That Go Round In My Head 8/6/2014
15. If Love Was A Person 8/8/2014
16. It's Hard To Go Back 8/28/2014
17. If I Could Stop The Blues 9/28/2015
18. Be Quiet, Be Quiet 9/15/2016
19. Lost Love 7/11/2014
20. Missing Him 7/11/2014
21. Today I Saw You 7/11/2014
22. Memories Of You 7/11/2014
23. The Tall One 7/28/2014
24. I Cannot Forget You 7/28/2014
25. When A Man Loves You 7/10/2014
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When A Man Loves You

When a man loves you
He is kind and protective
Never does anything to make you blue

When a man loves you
He would never hurt, embarrass and humiliate you
He would pay attention to the little things
That make life sweet and loving

When a man loves you
He is thoughtful in word and deed
Looks after your emotional needs

You know when a man loves you
He makes sure you are comfortable
In his company and surroundings
He understands you and never puts himself in a position to lose you

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A Lonely Walk

A lonely walk

A lonely walk among the ancient graves
Trees swaying in the breeze
Grass smooth and even as velvet upon the lawn
Birds twittering in the leaves
A feeling of beauty, peace and tranquility
Though, upon the bones of lives once lived

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