Susanta Pattnayak

Rookie (Bhubaneswar, India)

Susanta Pattnayak Poems

1. Caged Dreams 7/2/2012
2. Flowers And The Stars 8/31/2012
3. Comfort Zone 9/9/2012
4. The Moon 9/28/2012
5. On Sixty-Sixth Independence Day 8/15/2012
6. A Longing! 8/18/2012
7. My Universe, So Is Yours 7/4/2012
8. 'Sea' Verse 7/1/2012
9. Forest 7/1/2012
10. A Bright Sunny Day After Days Of Incessant Rain 8/19/2012
11. O Internet 9/30/2012
12. Those Four Close Friends 10/26/2012
13. O' Sculptor 6/30/2012
14. To A Rain Drop 8/21/2012
15. The Inn 9/21/2012
16. Say Without Awe 9/21/2012
17. I Head For The Stars 7/1/2012
18. Why Seek Solitude..? 7/1/2012
19. When, I Closed My Eyes 7/2/2012
20. Mountain Never Demands Your Vision 7/2/2012
21. My Heart For Every Human 7/2/2012
22. Grass 7/2/2012
23. Simply Mother 7/1/2012
24. Mountain 7/1/2012
25. Where, The Village An Art Gallery 7/1/2012
26. When, I No Longer.. 7/1/2012
27. Maiden Separation 7/4/2012
28. Drunken 7/4/2012
29. Shouldn'T I Change..? 7/4/2012
30. Spring 7/2/2012
31. Shadow 7/3/2012
32. My First Kiss, Never Too Late! 7/3/2012
33. Good And Evil Together 7/3/2012
34. And Thus Began The (Cosmic) Life 7/4/2012
Best Poem of Susanta Pattnayak

Caged Dreams

She dreams, no more.
The rise and the fall of the waves,
the dancing of the breeze,
the symphony of the wind,
the colors of the seasons,
the twilight, moonlit nights
all cease in smoke
under the suffocating arms of
some demonic beast
who ruptures her to dust.

She dreams no more.
Dreams have gathered dust
also a thick coat of rust.
Blurry in her mind, the day,
when she was caged
her voice was squashed
her wings were clipped
and was passed from hand to hand
for mere amusement and joy.

She dreams of
her mother, her ...

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O' Sculptor

O' Sculptor
With your hammer and chisel
carve my body granite
chisel my lines and the curves
grace my face and the laces
I'm your indolent damsel
your ethereal creation
of hope and love.

O' sculptor, enliven me
with your tender fondle,
the heavenly beauty
your melody on stone
'll fly singing your tone.

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