Sunny Chopra

Rookie - 80 Points (30th January / India)

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Sunny Chopra poet


Don’t mourn my brethren
in effect you must rejoice

The cause of contention
lies silenced forever voice

Futile is moving penance
it’s just a transitory phase

When hated my presence
then why play up of praise

Worthy never deemed living
now made out as paradigm

Forever in past castigated
denying vivacity of my time

If this what the deal serves
I feel lot better of removed

Where upright my intent
stood always disapproved

Duplicitous societal facets
never once cease to amaze

The living they try to bury
and dead from grave raise Updates

Preceding Travails

Trials mine, tribulations personal
and umpteen delusions extreme

With path trudged in solitude
how another can dream my dream

Sealed my lips, not once cringed
accepted all what got dished

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