Sunny Chopra

(30th January / India)

Biography of Sunny Chopra

Sunny Chopra poet

The Backward Glance

(Third Person Viewpoint)

The youngest of the progeny
from the noble souls long since gone

The one propounding freewill
has metamorphosis since undergone

Got bequeathed with older siblings,
having perspectives gone awry

He stuck with own convictions
and unsolicited advice did forever decry

The first love got embroiled in naiveties,
to be carried along the surge

He kept questioning the rationale
but no answers did ever emerge

The union with culturally divergent consort,
was amiable to an extent

Till fresh nuances got unbearable
and final parting he couldn’t prevent

A bundle of joy from the earlier union
became apple of pater’s eye

With odds conspiring circumstantially
the little nestling had far to fly

Other associations proved fleeting
with fair weather kind of substance

Some trailed off, while others
lingered for the reasons most askance

Subsistence has been a mixed bag
with motley shades of blues

It’s time now that he can laugh about
most past tints, shades and hues Updates

Someone Somewhere

Where each subliminal moment
is awaited in anticipated glee

For it to be captured eternally,
lest quickly if it tried to flee

The silence speaks unspoken
and unsaid is what's heard

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