Treasure Island

Sujay Patekar

Poems of Sujay Patekar

1. 'Broken' 11/7/2011
2. ''Days of Rust...'' 10/8/2012
3. 'Mysterious Doubt' 11/7/2011
4. ''Sabrina's Hair'' 4/4/2014
5. ''Shackled Love'' 8/17/2012
6. 'Solace' 11/18/2013
7. Sonnet: Life Of A Quadriplegic... 3/5/2012
8. 'Strange Rules' 1/26/2012
9. 'Warrior' 11/15/2013
10. 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps...' 11/7/2011
11. ''Words'' 4/4/2014
12. 'You' 3/30/2012

''Shackled Love''

I curse this day, i curse this hour; 
That makes me feel so deprived of power.
With a lump in throat & a heavy heart, 
Against our wish we will have to part...

I wish we were a pair of swans in the lake, 
Then no rule in world can make our hearts break.
Because swans don't have any creed or cast, 
Which becomes a hurdle in their Love to last...


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