Stefanie Fontker

Biography of Stefanie Fontker

I write under a pen name (a pretty crappy one, at that) : if you've seen my work on other sites under what I assume would have to be my real name, you're probably not mistaken. Feel free to interrogate me though.

A lot of the stuff I have on my account here is rather old, some of it a bit embarrassing, so please bear with me. Updates


A beautiful fall
Eloquent demise
So privileged!
To be made of porcelain
My fragile state
Oh so compromised
To be blinded -
By such a beauty
An unsteady heartbeat
It quickens
Frozen state of mind
She speaks!
Slick, to the ears
I reach out, one touch
And I feel
I grin, and she smiles
Such a sad smile

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