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Poems of Sophocles

1. A Fair Eubœan Shore 9/22/2010
2. A Sailor's Life 9/24/2012
3. Agamemnon's Vengeance 9/24/2012
4. Almighty Love 9/24/2012
5. An Awful Purity 9/24/2012
6. Antigone in Her Tomb 9/24/2012
7. Ares the Destroyer 9/24/2012
8. Avenger of the Dead 9/24/2012
9. Battle of Two Brothers 9/24/2012
10. Chorus from Ajax 9/24/2012
11. Disease of Love 9/24/2012
12. Electra's Song 9/24/2012
13. God's Counsel 9/24/2012
14. Grief 9/24/2012
15. Ill-fated Oedipus 9/24/2012
16. Kyprian Queen 9/24/2012
17. Long Life Not To Be Desired 9/22/2010
18. Man 9/24/2012
19. Old Age and Youth 9/24/2012
20. Parting Words 9/24/2012

Power Of Love (From

O LOVE, thou art victor in fight: thou mak'st all things afraid;
Thou couchest thee softly at night on the cheeks of a maid;
Thou passest the bounds of the sea, and the folds of the fields;
To thee the immortal, to thee the ephemeral yields;
Thou maddenest them that possess thee; thou turnest astray
The souls of the just, to oppress them, out of the way;
Thou hast kindled amongst us pride, and the quarrel of kin;
Thou art lord, by the eyes of a bride, and the love-light therein;

[Hata Bildir]