Sophocles Poems

1. Praise Of Colonus (From 9/22/2010
2. Avenger Of The Dead 9/24/2012
3. Kyprian Queen 9/24/2012
4. Prosperity And Fate 9/24/2012
5. Prosperity Of The Godless 9/24/2012
6. Song Of Philoctetes 9/24/2012
7. The Vine Of Bacchus 9/24/2012
8. Parting Words 9/24/2012
9. Battle Of Two Brothers 9/24/2012
10. Ares The Destroyer 9/24/2012
11. Strange That The Godless Prosper 9/22/2010
12. Wisdom 9/24/2012
13. Wives 9/24/2012
14. Agamemnon's Vengeance 9/24/2012
15. Prayer For Deliverance From The Pestilence (From 9/22/2010
16. A Fair Eubœan Shore 9/22/2010
17. Man 9/24/2012
18. Electra's Song 9/24/2012
19. God's Counsel 9/24/2012
20. Wealth 9/24/2012
21. The Wheel Of God 9/24/2012
22. Undying Love 9/24/2012
23. Antigone In Her Tomb 9/24/2012
24. Disease Of Love 9/24/2012
25. Almighty Love 9/24/2012
26. The Life Of Woman 9/24/2012
27. Ill-Fated Oedipus 9/24/2012
28. Grief 9/24/2012
29. The Chariot Race (From 9/22/2010
30. An Awful Purity 9/24/2012
31. Chorus From Ajax 9/24/2012
32. Return Of The Hero 9/24/2012
33. A Sailor's Life 9/24/2012
34. Power Of Love (From 9/22/2010
35. Long Life Not To Be Desired 9/22/2010
36. Old Age And Youth 9/24/2012
Best Poem of Sophocles

Old Age And Youth

What man is he that yearneth
For length unmeasured of days?
Folly mine eye discerneth
Encompassing all his ways.
For years over-running the measure
Small change thee in evil wise:
Grief draweth nigh thee; and pleasure,
Behold it is hid from thine eyes.
This to their wage have they
Which overlive their day.
And He that looseth from labor
Doth one with other befriend,
Whom bride nor bridesmen attend,
Song, nor sound of the tabor,
Death, that maketh an end.

Thy portion esteem I highest,
Who was not even begot;
Thine next, being born who ...

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The Chariot Race (From

They took their stand where the appointed judges
Had cast their lots and ranged the rival cars.
Rang out the brazen trump! Away they bound,
Cheer the hot steeds and shake the slackened reins;
As with a body the large space is filled
With the huge clangor of the rattling cars.
High whirl aloft the dust-clouds; blent together,
Each presses each and the lash rings; and loud
Snort the wild steeds, and from their fiery breath,

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