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  • 41.
    I Never

    I never wanted to feel like this
    I never thought you’d make mistakes like this
    It never was that you
    And now it’s time you knew
    I never ever, I do not trust you
    I never wanted to be like this
    I never thought you’d make mistakes like this
    It never was that you
    And now it’s time you knew
    I never swear, I do not trust you read more »

    Jessica Simpson
  • 42.
    From The Inside

    I don’t know who to trust, your surprise
    Everything feel so far away from me
    Have your thoughts sent through dust, and the lies
    Trying not to break, but I’m so tired of this to see
    Every time I try to make myself get back up on my feet
    All I ever think about is this, all the time and time between
    And how trying to put my trust in you just takes so much out of me read more »

    Linkin Park
  • 43.
    The Chamber Of 32 Doors

    At the top of the stairs, there's hundreds of people
    Running around to all the doors
    They try to find, find themselves an audience
    Their deductions need applause read more »

  • 44.
    Declaration of Love

    Come on, yeah

    You are my knight in armor
    The hero of my heart
    When you smile at me I see
    A true world go up
    The river is getting deep, believe it
    You’re all these arms of mine wanna hold
    All wrapped up with a river
    Baby, I’m giving you this heart of gold read more »

    Celine Dion
  • 45.

    So much space can fit in a side
    More than words can say
    I’m left here with my hands all awkward
    Trying to mend space read more »

  • 46.
    You Don't Care About Us

    If it's a bad day, you try to suffocate
    Another memory scarred
    If it's a bad case, then you accelerate
    You're in the getaway car read more »

  • 47.
    Head To Wall

    Relax in time from the pain you've been I don't know anything but I can read
    what's on your face just one moment just one more to struggle we all want
    everything but we all can't fit in the door
    seven tries head to wall hurts your head sort of trust that you'll get what
    you paid for soon seven tries head to wall just to get cut read more »

  • 48.
    Life & Soul

    Written by kim wilde & tony swain

    Yeah yeah alright
    Life and soul
    They say that it’s a fact of life we’ll die read more »

    Kim Wilde
  • 49.
    Never Trust a Stranger

    Written by ricky & kim wilde

    I knew there was a danger
    But couldn’t resist
    The touch of a stranger
    The thrill of his kiss
    Cos this time
    I thought it was love
    I thought it was heaven
    Having the time of my life
    I know it’s not true read more »

    Kim Wilde
  • 50.
    I Ain't Lyin'

    I ain't Iyin'
    I ain't Iyin'
    No no no I ain't Iyin'
    When I say I need you Babe
    When I say I love you Babe
    You're my dream come true
    And the apple of my eye
    I'll give my love to you girl
    But you've got to give me a try
    Come on trust me
    Babe believe in me
    You gotta trust me Babe believe in me
    oh read more »

    George Mccrae
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