Songs About / On: TRAVEL

In this page, songs on / about “travel” are listed.
  • 41.
    The Inner Light

    Without going out of my door
    I can know all things of earth
    Without looking out of my window
    I could know the ways of heaven read more »

    The Beatles
  • 42.
    Piggy Smack

    Here under wraps human surplus / sirloin and dark peephole deluxe
    Here in the cage steroid surprise / babel skinned consolation prize
    C I've got an audience that loves my face
    I've got an audience I call my own
    I've got an audience but for the grace of God go I read more »

  • 43.
    Brother Love#s Travelling Salvation Show

    Hot August nightAnd the leaves hanging downAnd the grass on the ground smelling sweetMove up the roadTo the outside of townAnd the sound of that good gospel beat Sits a ragged tentWhere there ain't no treesAnd that gospel groupTelling you and me
    It's LoveBrother Love's Traveling Salvation ShowPack up the babiesGrab the old ladiesEveryone goesEveryone knowsBrother Love's show
    Room gets suddenly stillAnd when you'd almost betYou could hear yourself sweat, he walks inEyes black as coalAnd when h read more »

    Neil Diamond
  • 44.
    Tear Stained Eye

    Walking down Main Street
    Getting to know the concrete
    Looking for a purpose from a neon sign
    I would meet you anywhere the western sun meets the air
    We'll hit the road, never looking behind read more »

    Son Volt
  • 45.
    My Kind Of Town

    This is my kind of town
    I ain't never seen nothing like it
    In all my traveling 'round
    If this old highway ever gives me up read more »

    Tippin Aaron
  • 46.
    Should Have Known

    Sad songs, strange thoughts, in my head&
    Can’t laugh, can’t cry, going mad
    Don’t know, which way to go
    No one can help, I know!
    Endless questions, coming on read more »

    Kingdom Come
  • 47.

    been traveling around some
    crossing people's paths
    some they stand right in your way
    others like to watch you pass
    been trying to memorize
    all the different lies
    that people must tell themselves each nightto justify their lives read more »

    Uncle Tupelo
  • 48.
    Oceans Of Time

    like a vision, I am drowning into time of hate
    running through hedges of pain
    howling wolves in a glade of sleep
    lost night cries in the crack of dawn read more »

  • 49.

    I’ve been alone for too long
    I’ve been alone for too long
    Did you want me just to welcome you
    With open arms
    Did you want me to fall at your feet
    Falling for your charms read more »

  • 50.
    False Faces

    Oil on canvas
    Couplets and stanzas
    To divine who you are
    Pencil portrayals and
    Jealous betrayals read more »

    Fogelberg Dan
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