Songs About / On: SISTER

In this page, songs on / about “sister” are listed.
  • 41.
    Orphan Girl

    (Gillian Welch)
    I am a orphan on God's highway
    but I'll share my troubles
    if you go my way
    I have no mother, no father, no sister, no brother read more »

    Harris Emmylou
  • 42.
    Your Litter Sister (is A Big Girl Now)

    Paul Kelly (Mushroom)
    She was always bugging us
    Every day on the way home
    Riding on the back of the bus
    Every time we tried to kiss read more »

    Paul Kelly And The Messengers
  • 43.
    Little Sister

    Little sister

    Mama’s nest is empty, all the babies grown and gone
    And you’re talking. I can hear me, you should hear you.
    Look into a youger face that used to be my own read more »

    Concrete Blonde
  • 44.
    Goodnight Lovers

    Here, somewhere in the heart of me
    There is still a part of me
    That cares

    And i’ll, I’ll still take the best you’ve got
    Even though I’m sure it’s not
    The best for me read more »

    Depeche Mode
  • 45.
    If I Had a Hammer

    If I had a hammer,
    I’d hammer in the morning
    I’d hammer in the evening,
    All over this land

    I’d hammer out danger,
    I’d hammer out a warning,
    I’d hammer out love between my brothers and my sisters,
    All over this land. read more »

    Peter, Paul & Mary
  • 46.
    Sister Morphine

    (m. jagger/k. richards/m. faithfull)

    Here I lie in my hospital bed
    Tell me, sister morphine, when are you coming round again?
    Oh, I don’t think I can wait that long
    Oh, you see that I’m not that strong read more »

    Rolling Stones
  • 47.
    Captain Hi-top

    written by Mother Love Bone
    i'm the instigator of the me generation
    the official seminator of the female population
    and i scoff at my rivals cause they ain't cool read more »

    Mother Love Bone
  • 48.
    Charlie Big Potatoe

    I awake, from blood thick dreams,
    washing blame, from my knees, softly done, so secretly. I'm awake as Charlie sleeps. read more »

    Skunk Anansie
  • 49.
    Sister Don't Cry

    Overseas through the air
    Touched your heart down with care
    All the thoughts left behind
    Soon will catch you in time
    Well, if I could, you know I would
    Let salvation reign on you
    So, won’t you push away
    All this pain that you’ve been through read more »

    Collective Soul
  • 50.
    A Sister Like You

    Two sisters sighed
    Sais we might as well be lovers
    We´re so close
    Just like blood brothers

    And the horse guard died
    I lost all power
    She said to me
    Dis you come down in the shower read more »

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