Songs About / On: SCHOOL

In this page, songs on / about “school” are listed.
  • 41.
    Walkin' Home From School

    (Walkin'...walkin'...walkin', ah-ah)
    (Walkin'...walkin'...walkin', ah-ah)
    Step by step, street by street
    Talkin' to all the friends we meet
    Step by step, street by street read more »

    Vincent Gene
  • 42.
    Leaning On The Day's Parade

    He'd eat at KFC
    Wore salad clothes and smelled like turpentine
    He talked alot about his art
    With a spitting image of Ernest Borgnine
    They found him dead the other day read more »

  • 43.

    Ronnie, bobby, ricky, and mike, and ralph!
    S c h o o l, you got to go to school and beat that bell.
    E-mail, what goes here? ________and ring, ding, dong.
    We e-mail, what goes here? __________ rap about this song.
    Monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, the weekend’s here! read more »

    New Edition
  • 44.
    High School Crush

    Look out my window
    Rain comin' down
    Waitin' at the corner
    Kids all wearin' their frowns
    Just another Monday
    Goin' to school
    Till you come along
    Kickin' your heels
    Lookin' my way- makin' me feel real

    You made me blush...
    You were my high school crush...(ahhhhh)

    Billy got married
    Lizzy left town
    Barrie went to New York City
    She's dancin' around
    You went off to college to conquer the word
    I stayed home
    Thinkin' 'bout you
    Now you're back, what am I gonna do?

    You made me blush...
    You were my high school crush...(ahhhhh)

    Now give me back my dream
    Ooh, how the tables turned
    I see your eyes
    And I feel the burn

    One thing I know for sure
    They'll never find a cure
    For what I got for you
    My love is true

    Now you're back
    Kickin' your heels
    Lookin' my way- makin' me feel real

    You made me blush
    But that was high school (yea)

    I loved you so much
    But time is changing all the rules

    Enough is enough
    This ain't no high school crush
    This time now I'm ready to be with you
    This ain' no high school crush read more »

    Paula Abdul
  • 45.
    Smokin' in The Boys Room

    Did you ever seem to have one of those days
    When everyone seemed to be on your case
    From your teacher all the waydown to your best girlfriend
    Well, that used to happen to me all the time
    But I found a way to get out of it read more »

    Motley Crue
  • 46.
    Walk This Way

    Back street lover
    there is always undercover

    And I talk to my Daddy
    he say :
    He said: you ain't seen nothin' till you go down on a muffin
    Then you're sure to be on a changin' way.
    I met a cheerleader
    was a real big bleeder read more »

    Run Dmc
  • 47.
    All Girl Action

    Hey sweetie, let’s you and me get clear my head, flesh, body and soul
    Hey sweetie, in spite all the hangers thrown, clean out every thing known
    Well there’s no names here just ties and faces
    Living in the night-night zone
    When your made for each other, your meant for each other
    Skip the school and the family, school and the family, school and the family,
    Child !
    Two hot girls on a hot summer night
    I double fancy that, double fancy that they say
    Step over here it’s gonna be all right
    I read more »

    Adam Ant
  • 48.
    Beauty School Dropout

    your story's sad to tell:
    a teenage never do wellmost mixed up nondelinquent on the block.
    your future's so unclear now.
    what's left of your career now?
    Can't even get a trade-in on your smock. read more »

  • 49.
    Gimme Your Autograph


    Gimme your autograph
    This one's gonna be your last
    Gimme your autograph read more »

  • 50.
    The Morning: Another Morning

    Balloons flying
    Children sighing
    What a day to go kite flying
    Breezy school
    Away from school
    Cowboys fighting out a duel read more »

    Moody Blues
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