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  • 1.
    Rap Your Body Beat

    Hello here we go again
    I wanna have this metal thing
    So one, two, three, four
    We just wanna have some more
    So c'mon read more »

  • 2.
    M.c.'s Groove

    kru's back on the map
    we're gonna rap until your body sweats(word)
    back on the map
    we're gonna rap until your body sweats(word, word)
    kru's back on the map read more »

  • 3.
    The Pina Colada Song

    If you like Pina Colada, and its little Champaign
    If you like juice in your kina, me myself here to say
    If you like makin love at midnight, rollin out the avenue
    If you like frien' up a fat one, one day your down with my crew read more »

    Da Real One
  • 4.
    The Rapper

    Hey girl, I bet you
    There's someone out to get you.
    You'll find him anywhere
    On a bus, in a bar, in a grocery store.
    He'll say "Excuse me, haven't I seen you somewhere before?" read more »

  • 5.
    Rap Song

    Wyclef on guitar.. with the black eyed peas
    Here go the rap song, they wanna sing it to y’all read more »

    Black Eyed Peas
  • 6.
    Loose Rap

    I’m sick and tired of the loose rap

    I know you can come better
    Can come better than that
    So you can kill all that loose rap
    Hehehe. . . babygirl read more »

  • 7.
    I Luv Rap Music

    [some people out there givin’ rap a bad name
    Well I’m here to let you know, we ain’t down with that] read more »

    Dc Talk
  • 8.

    Kamilah Feminin lima gadis remaja
    Bersuka bergembira jadi mari bersama
    Rap dijadikan sebagai konsep
    Menjadi pilihan muda mudi jiwa rap
    Kami di sini bukan nak menimbulkan kontroversi read more »

  • 9.
    Hangin' Tough

    Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.
    Listen up everybody if you wanna take a chance.
    (rap:) just get on the floor and do the new kids’ dance.
    Don’t worry ’bout nothing ’cause it won’t take long.
    (rap:) we’re gonna put you in a trance with a funky song, ’cause you gotta be
    Hangin’ tough, hangin’ tough, hangin’ tough.
    (rap:) we’re rough. read more »

    New Kids on The Block
  • 10.
    I Hate Rap

    There is a thing that i hate that is a punch of crap .Iiiiiii hate Rap .Rap is crap. read more »

    Curt Hennig
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