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In this page, songs on / about “power” are listed.
  • 41.

    Everybody’s sayin’ that the times are getting rough
    You gotta stay loose baby and you gotta be tough...oh
    I get knocked down...get right back up again
    Cause I never give up and I never give in...
    Oh - so strong
    Got the power when I turn it on
    Yeah - I’m gonna get my fill
    Nothin’s gonna stop me now and nothin’ ever will
    I got the...power
    I got the power
    I feel the power...
    And don’t forget it read more »

  • 42.
    Healing Power of Love

    Do you believe in the healing power of love, or is it just a fantasy?
    Do you believe in the power from above? I feel it between you and me.
    And I don’t have to look in your eyes to know
    There’s something going on here that’s out of our control
    This is happening too fast for us to fight. read more »

    Dan Hill
  • 43.
    Power Race

    So you're rushing all around,
    Making your way to the top.
    But you'd better count me out,
    I'm not running anymore.
    Power race, read more »

    Les Thugs
  • 44.

    Lungs breathing foulness
    Anal intellect fills rooms
    Cigar smoke and the stench of cheap wine
    Smothers my children's innocence
    The blind and boiled misery sets sail read more »

    Grip Inc.
  • 45.
    High Powered Love

    I've been running low on inspiration
    Tired of the physical intrigue
    There's nothing left to imagination
    Living in a world that treats love so carelessly
    Don't want no smooth Tallinn' lover read more »

    Harris Emmylou
  • 46.
    Sexual Power

    He's the master of persuasion
    he's so hot to be so cool
    and he shatters my defenses
    when he walks into the room
    He possesses me with sexual power read more »

    Pointer Sisters
  • 47.

    All the money’s on your hip now
    Need to take another trip down
    Protect all mothers for they lay in the path
    I can deal with the lovers
    Always dealt with dreams
    But I’ve never known what reality means read more »

  • 48.
    Rising Power

    Dog day it's Tuesday
    Hope that girl she'll come today
    Hard life it's a city life
    Sweat keeps pouring down
    I've got to feel it, like to love read more »

    Ac Dc
  • 49.
    Power Of Goodbye

    Your heart is not open so I must go
    The spell has been broken I loved you so
    Freedom comes when you learn to let go
    Creation comes when you learn to say no read more »

  • 50.

    Loveland, Loveland
    I got a searchlight, I got a lovelight
    Beauteous isles of Loveland
    Hey, hey I got it read more »

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