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Songs About / On: PEACE

In this page, songs on / about “peace” are listed.
  • 21.
    Peace - an End

    Peace is a word
    Of the sea and the wind.
    Peace is a bird who sings
    As you smile.
    Peace is the love
    Of a foe as a friend;
    Peace is the love you bring
    To a child read more »

    King Crimson
  • 22.
    Peace of Mind

    I was driving in my car just the other day
    Thinking about the times when I used to say
    Life is just a game anyone can play
    But somehow that thought has seemed to fade away
    I’ll close the door on what’s behind read more »

    Evan & Jaron
  • 23.
    Garden of Peace

    Written by dewey bunnel and gerry beckley, ©1994
    Found on hourglass.

    I look inside at the scarlet room
    Places to hide in the dusty gloom
    A noisy clock and a silver spoon read more »

  • 24.

    (Kye Fleming/Janis Ian)
    Emmanuel, Emmanuel
    A child is born
    A child is born
    Sing glory unto God on high read more »

    Mattea Kathy
  • 25.
    Silent Night

    Silent night
    Holy night
    All is calm
    All is bright
    Round yon virgin
    Mother and child
    Holy infant
    So tender and mild
    Sleep in heavenly peace
    Sleep in heavenly peace read more »

    Martina Mcbride
  • 26.
    Peace Lies Waiting

    Murder cries the cathedral
    A hungry hawk, a sword, a ploughshare
    Set the stage in Canterbury
    Seven years and then
    Peace lies waiting-fugitive, cloistered and longing read more »

    Wild Strawberries
  • 27.

    Toni Childs, David Ricketts
    what you gonna do zimbabwae
    what you gonna do zimbabwae
    zimbabwae is a man who tried
    to teach his children what was right read more »

    Childs Toni
  • 28.
    A Voice for Peace

    You know that everybody has a voice
    And how they use it is their own free choice
    In your glory I will not rejoice
    If you choose the ways of war
    If you choose the ways of war read more »

    Dan Fogelberg
  • 29.
    The Greatest Gift

    Peace On Earth

    No sugar plums
    No stockings hung
    But in their hearts
    Christmas carols will be sung
    They huddle round
    In this little town
    When celebrating the birth of Christ
    New life is found

    Peace on Earth
    Good will to all men
    Give joy to the season by reaching out your hand
    The Greatest Gift is the love we give
    And we will find true peace of mind in the way we live

    Peace on Earth
    Good will to all men
    Give joy to the season by reaching out your hand
    The Greatest Gift is given free
    True peace of mind, can't be found, beneath a Christmas tree
    And we will find true peace of mind within you and me
    Peace On Earth read more »

  • 30.
    Haunts of Ancient Peace

    Beside the garden walls,
    We walk in haunts of ancient peace.
    At night we rest and go to sleep
    In haunts of ancient peace.
    The love and light we seek, read more »

    Van Morrison
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