Songs About / On: NATURE

In this page, songs on / about “nature” are listed.
  • 31.
    25th Floor

    Music : Edlund, Sorychta
    Music : Hagel
    Lyrics : Edlund
    A new serum eradicates the illness read more »

  • 32.

    A new serum eradicates the illness
    An old man rises from his wheelchair
    When suffering unknown attacks the painless
    And common animal's are becoming rare read more »

  • 33.

    Well the ocean is a monster
    And the waves are a killer
    Swallowed my baby whole

    Now her tombstone is a coral reef
    Under shifting sand my love is buried deep
    But never as deep as the beauty in her soul
    The God damn thing swallowed my baby whole read more »

    Angie Aparo
  • 34.

    the red grass, up to my knees
    an aura comes towards me
    someone's changed the formula
    un-chaining another law
    the structures, the colors read more »

  • 35.
    Carmen Christi

    Michael Card
    Phillippians 2:6-11
    Who being in vary nature God
    Would not grasp equality with Him
    But made Himself nothing read more »

    Card Michael
  • 36.
    Lustful Father

    Hear his howling cries
    Cover all silence of the night
    Footprints in the weeping ground
    It's the beginning of winter read more »

  • 37.
    Natures Revenge

    weather turning towards a storm
    broken down road continue on coexistance
    imitating paradise unlike any seen moist
    has been dancing crazy overcast ash grey
    wording constantly pushing pulling pushes away read more »

    Skinny Puppy
  • 38.
    Industrial Sickness

    Dumped in rivers, poured in sewers
    Industrial sickness, industrial sickness
    Crude misgivings, ruthless burnings
    Industrial sickness, industrial sickness
    Demented prophets polluting nonstop
    Industrial sickness, industrial sickness
    Destroying creatures, misleading preachers
    Industrial sickness, industrial sickness read more »

  • 39.
    The Soil Bleeds Black

    Lords of nature come take our lives
    We don't deserve the promissed land
    We're ready to embrace the end
    We've decieved our inherited legacy read more »

  • 40.
    My Electricity

    I send your name
    up into the sky
    And the wind blows it back into my face

    You see, even nature
    reacts on me
    And all my electricity
    will make it across your sea read more »

    The Gathering
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