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In this page, songs on / about “mother” are listed.
  • 21.
    Bad 'n' Ruin

    (ian mclagan, rod stewart)

    Mother, don’t you recognize your son?
    Coming home, ’cause I failed you mother
    I’ll be there in the morning
    If you’ll have me back
    The rent up here is much too high
    For a room without a tap
    I’ll be early in the morning
    And I’ll find my way back home
    Back home bad ’n’ ruin
    With my tail between my legs
    Tail between my legs
    And I’ll be so tired read more »

  • 22.

    Over land and over sea
    She reaches out to me
    Weaving and threading the loom
    >From womb to womb
    Slaves and merchants
    Pilgrims and thieves
    Felt her hand and charted skys
    By following her moon read more »

    Lauper Cyndi
  • 23.
    The Rape of The World

    Mother of us all
    Place of our birth
    How can we stand aside
    And watch the rape of the wold

    This the beginning of the end
    This the most heinous of crimes
    This the deadliest of sins
    The greatest violation of all time
    Mother of us all
    Place of our birth
    We all are witness
    To the rape of the world read more »

    Tracy Chapman
  • 24.

    R. Williams
    good-bye dreamer, insane stranger on the shore
    There is no one left here, not a soul
    Aid the confusion, expecting nothing
    Not a soul read more »

    Christian Death
  • 25.

    Well the telephone is ringing,
    Is that my mother on the phone?
    Telephone is ringing,
    Is that my mother on the phone?
    The telephone is screaming,
    Won't she leave me alone?
    The telephone is ringing,
    Is that my mother on the phone? read more »

    The Police
  • 26.
    Where Has All The Time Gone

    mother, mother, mother read more »

  • 27.
    My Mother's Clothes (the Drag Rag)

    (This song came out of my first public drag experience at the age
    of 25, which brought back many memories of earlier private
    experiences. For my mother, who still has more pairs of shoes
    than any drag queen I know. -RR)
    I remember dressing up in my mother's clothes read more »

    Romanovsky And Phillips
  • 28.
    I'm a Mother

    I’m a mother
    Treat me like a mother
    You wanna suck on my breast
    It’s no surprise you do
    I’m the source and the force
    You owe your life to, brother read more »

  • 29.
    She Lies

    She likes to talk about her dad
    and all the different jobs he had
    And all the times he turned to her and said
    someday you'll be a mother
    Mother Fucker read more »

    Wckr Spgt
  • 30.
    Hands & Knees

    You see me walking away
    What more could I say than sorry
    I failed by all your complaints
    You pushed a life change but it’s not me
    And filthy hands lay apon my chest
    Lay upon my sin, but I do it for green
    And in your mind you are blind
    And your back turn so fine
    Where were you when I needed you most read more »

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