Songs About / On: MARRIAGE

In this page, songs on / about “marriage” are listed.
  • 11.
    The Marriage

    This is the marriage of silence and love
    Here is the temple where I come to learn
    Here are the etarnal little things I always loved
    Here are all my tears just waiting for my return read more »

  • 12.
    Cross My Heart

    Words: michael w. smith and wayne kirkpatrick
    Music: michael w. smith

    Ink and paper, epic offers
    Glass moon waltzing on the waters
    Horse and carriage
    I am courting the marriage
    Of dreams in the wings
    Of visions unseen
    Cross my heart
    Only your love will do
    Cross my heart over you
    Cross my heart
    There is room enough for two
    Cross my heart over you, over you read more »

    Michael W. Smith
  • 13.

    A marriage beneath the earth
    In Elixir She washes Her hands
    A Black Eagle, a Palace of Light
    She becomes a snake read more »

    Umbral Presence
  • 14.
    But Not for Me

    They’re writing songs of love
    But not for me
    A lucky star’s above
    But not for me

    With love to lead the way
    I’ve found more clouds of gray
    Than any russian play
    Could guarantee read more »

    Harry Connick, Jr.
  • 15.

    I watching you
    You shall weep no more
    It's your last breath of air
    These walls won't week them out
    They'll keep you in read more »

    Faith No More
  • 16.
    Incursion Dementia

    Purity of intention
    sudden invasion
    Of adolescence
    Driven by her convictions
    At seven
    She saw her first vision
    From the heavenly voices
    Invoking vanity
    Her guilt was hag ridden
    As she whipped herself
    Until the blood ran free
    Saint Catherine
    Showed all the signs
    Beyond the threshold of pain
    She believed in mystical marriage
    The future is the child of the past
    It's a spiral staircase of ecstasy
    Incursion dementia
    Incursion dementia
    Saint Catherine
    Showed all the signs read more »

    Nasty Savage
  • 17.
    Let's Stick Together

    And now the marriage vow is very sacred
    The man has put us together now
    You ought to make it stick together
    Come on, come on and stick together
    You know we made a vow to leave one another never read more »

    Ferry Bryan
  • 18.
    I'd Love You All Over Again

    Has it been ten years
    Since we said I do
    I’ve always heard marriage made one seem like two
    But you’re looking better than you did back then
    You still make this old heart give in read more »

    Alan Jackson
  • 19.

    Bipatrisan joining
    Synergy essential
    For the purpose of symbiosis
    When opposites merge
    Mutual benefits emerge read more »

  • 20.

    Their voices
    I writhe
    Bereft of silence
    My soul can't hide
    I cower
    No rule applies
    My former masters
    Now dethroned read more »

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