Songs About / On: GREED

In this page, songs on / about “greed” are listed.
  • 11.
    V Ii

    Some man never
    Some live some die

    Never discriminate the hunger fed
    Searching for yor inner hatred
    Demise, plague on earth
    released to be weaken, self control is broken read more »

    Malevolent Creation
  • 12.

    Fills them inside to the brim
    Crawls around inside their skin
    You're not like them they point and stare
    You're not like them you can't be there
    (chorus) Come on down to our little town read more »

    God Gettin Funky
  • 13.
    The Greed

    In danger to start a futile war
    They think to make some sewer laws
    Conceivable - false thoughts produce a reaction
    Serious - be able to erase a civilasation
    Thoughtful - to hope to get a peaceful life together read more »

  • 14.
    Self Taught Infection

    How can we be so blind?
    Once we had a world
    Untainted land to toil our lives
    But then we...
    Ch. read more »

  • 15.

    I’m running out of time I’m out of step and
    I’m running out of time
    Closing down and never sleep for wanting hours
    I’m out of step and closing down
    The empty hours of greed and uselessly always read more »

  • 16.
    Casualties Of Greed

    No roof above no food for the day
    The poor are victime victims of greed
    Chorus/Casualties of greed
    Greedy fucking bastards steal from
    The poor the misery of the poor is read more »

  • 17.

    Who will save the warchild baby
    Who controls the key?
    The web we weave is thick and sordid
    Fine by me
    At times of war, we’re all losers read more »

  • 18.

    Full of greed you sell your soul
    Full of pride a heavy load
    You eat yourself gluttony
    Resent yourself you envy me read more »

  • 19.

    Tell me things I cannot see.
    Open room and the door so close
    Child grows and the wise man knows
    You are a part of a growing nation
    You know you're better than they are
    You hate, but you don't think so far read more »

    My Surface
  • 20.

    pressure fried the coldest head
    bent to the side wishing he was dead
    and i would still defend
    i would still defend

    i give up on it all
    i give up on the greed
    i give up on the ones
    who give up on me

    held up by the poor somewhere
    there're unaware but i know we are scared
    if i was to give in
    the fight would soon begin

    so i give up on it all
    i give up on the greed
    i'll give up on the ones
    who'll give up on me

    sometimes sunshines
    sometimes the sun shines

    did you give up on it all
    did you give up on the greed
    did you give up on the ones
    who gave up on me read more »

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