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  • 31.
    Friends Till The End

    Pick any song you please
    Click we're in harmony
    Stick to me and you'll see
    What a kick it is to be
    Friends, friends, friends 'til the end read more »

  • 32.
    A Friend Is A Friend

    When eyes meet in silence
    A pact can be made
    A life-long alliance
    That won't be betrayed read more »

    Townshend Pete
  • 33.
    Best Friends

    Verse 1:

    My best friend say
    She sick of me cryin on the phone
    Tellin how the men are doggin me
    My best friend say
    Don’t tell her nothin bout me can you girl
    She ain’t showin me no sympathy
    My best friend say
    If she was me she’d let you go long long time ago
    My best friend say
    My best friend say
    I’ll be there read more »

    Missy Elliott
  • 34.
    My Friends

    I was so lost in my pain. Fear was melting my brain. I was counting the days
    to insanity.
    I was afraid to move myself. Afraid to hurt myself. More than I had until
    that day.
    Everything i believed in. Everything i fought for. Was now underneath my read more »

  • 35.
    Old Friends

    There's a ring around the moon tonight
    And chilling wind
    But I don't have to be afraid
    Cause we're old friends
    There's a heartbeat of our Mother Earth read more »

    Eaton Chris
  • 36.
    Old Friends

    not for the first time I looked back on all those years
    not for the last time names will ring in my ears
    When there was just a gang of us storming the town by train and bus
    a moment of thought this heart sends to old friends read more »

  • 37.
    You Were My Friend

    Chi Coltrane

    You came in my home and took from me
    All that I had to give
    I thought that we would be good friends read more »

    Coltrane Chi
  • 38.
    Can We Still Be Friends

    (todd rundgren)

    We can’t play this game anymore
    But can we still be friends
    Things just can’t go on like before
    But can we still be friends read more »

    Rod Stewart
  • 39.

    "Ballers"(feat. Gangsta Boo)
    [Hook (2x)]
    Ballers we be on some twinkies twinkies
    Playa hataz get found stanky stanky
    Trickin fat blunts of dat danky danky
    Big diamond rings on ou pinky pinky

    [Project Pat]
    Jumpin out da trizak
    Chewin on a sizack
    Sippin on some sizurp
    Jus slung a bizag
    Name iz Project Pat-a
    Moet in my lap-a
    Stayin on da grind, cuz da loot gonna stack-a
    Watchin for a jack-a
    You know I'm a mack-a
    Whatcha need dog, ? weed or some crack-a
    Ice on my pinky
    Smokin on stinky
    Caught a sucka slippin
    Now I'm on some twenties
    Flossin like a playa
    Golds keep a twinkle
    Eyez fire rized
    I'm startin to grow wrinkles
    Fall up in da clizub
    High off of dizub
    Famous in da hood, so these hoes show me lizuv
    A dope I'm abizove
    So don't be a hate-a
    You lame cuz da game, cuz you iz a fake-a
    My dopes on da triple
    My gats at your temple
    I'm hungry for cheese, like hungry hungry hipp-o


    [Project Pat]
    I pack a gat my friend
    I'm stayin strapped my friend
    My 17 rounds watchin my back my friend
    Killaz attack my friend
    They on your back my friend
    Where you goin be, if you ever step to pat my friend
    I keep it real my friend
    Blood donors spill my friend
    You violatin hatin niggaz'll get killed my friend
    Big money deals my friend
    Flexin my skills my friend
    I'm poppin game like a junky poppin pills my friend
    They can't debate my friend
    They puul dank my friend
    You got your hands out for cheese, but i can't my friend
    You get your own my friend
    I stand alone my friend
    And I'ma shine like a new set of chrome my friend
    Bullet to dome my friend
    When your alone my friend
    Dat hen dog got me off in a zone my friend
    Know what I mean my friend
    Cuz down here itz all about da ghetty green my friend

    [Hook (1x)]

    [Gangsta Boo] Wha Wha

    [Project Pat] I here you ballin like dat

    [Gangsta Boo]
    You did me daddy like dat
    I'm in da ? dressed to kill on and poppin like dat
    So why You hatin like dat
    You goin get caught up like dat
    I'm chillin heavy understand me baby, we rollin like dat
    So can you get it like dat
    Yo iz your pimpin like dat
    Or iz you callin Gangsta Boo cuz you want it like dat
    You cannot get it like dat
    I'm in a Lennox like dat
    I'm spendin cheese boy please, I'll be corney like dat
    I'm drinkin ? like dat
    I'm tryna come up like dat
    I'm kinda freaky on some x, cuz I'm horny like dat
    I'll freak your man jus like dat
    Because I sex him like dat
    Ask Paul and Juicy boy, I hypnotize em like dat
    I got some hoe on my back
    I got some hoe lickin cat
    I got some hoe on my beeper, but I ain't callin him back
    I'm in it to win it like dat
    I'm in a zone like dat
    I'm in Black Haven like dat
    I'm in North Memphis like dat what?

    [Hook (2x)] read more »

    Project Pat
  • 40.
    Losin My Best Friend

    I'm losin my best friend,
    But they've been gone for months,
    Tried to pretend things were the same, but they're not
    Want things to go back to the way they where,
    But we've changed, neither of us is the same person that we were before read more »

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