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  • 31.
    Die Story Unserer Kleinen Family

    Das glaubt ihr nie
    die Story unsrer kleinen Family

    das glaubt ihr nie
    die Story unsrer kleinen Family. read more »

  • 32.
    Running in The Family

    Our dad
    Would send us to our room
    He’d be the voice of doom
    He said that we would thank him later
    All day
    He was solid as a rock
    But by eight o’clock
    We’d be crumbling
    One night
    My brother joe and me
    Climbed down the family tree
    That grew outside our bedroom window
    We ran
    Though we knew it couldn’t last
    Running from the past
    From things that we were born to be read more »

    Level 42
  • 33.
    Intro: Presenting Dungeon Family

    [crowd yelling in background]

    [banging on door]
    Dungeon Family! Dungeon Family!
    Dungeon Family y'all got six minutes!
    Dungeon Family, don't y'all hear 'em out there
    they're going bananas!
    Get up Dungeon, come on!
    Dungeon Family get out here!
    Come on! You hear me in there?!
    [door opening]

    First Generation!
    Presenting Dungeon Family, Mr. DJ's on the drums
    We spit the slickest shit from the gutters and the slums
    Presenting Dungeon Family, Mr. DJ's on the drums
    We spit the slickest shit from the gutters and the slums

    Gooolllllyyy! Yea' ain't gon' believe this (What?)
    Oh you will when you see it (What?)
    Them boys done came together, changed the weather
    Now they finna reign/rain forever (What?!)
    Somebody better tell 'em they can think whatever
    But I don't sweat 'em
    Oh if they say I ain't right this time, shawdy bet 'em
    Cuz I got game to sell 'em, a thang or better
    I play 'em low key like below C level
    The high fidelity gon' bang yo' cerebelum
    And crank the party up like this old Charles Tatum
    In a subterrainium chamber, creatin masterpieces
    Etch it in stone, trust 'em it's hard to keep 'em
    A thunderous sound, comes from up under the ground
    Do you smell what the Family smokin? We burnin it down
    to ash, Breeze, Doc, The Mob, Rube
    OutKast and me, guilty by association... read more »

    Dungeon Family
  • 34.

    There’s a ghost down in the hall
    There’s a ghoul upon the bed
    There’s something in the walls
    There’s blood up on the stairs
    And it’s floating through the room
    And there’s nothing I can see
    And I know that that’s the truth
    Because now it’s onto me read more »

    Michael Jackson
  • 35.
    Happy Families

    Have you got miss fortune?
    She’s the daughter of rich parents,
    All she does is cry.
    One four-letter word is all she wants,
    But you can’t buy love,
    So there’s no supply. read more »

  • 36.

    Welcome to the original papa roach soundfire
    Viva la cucaracha

    My name’s coby dick
    Mr dick if you’re nasty
    Rock a mic
    With a voice that’s raspy
    And I’m poetic in my operations
    My God given talent is to rock all the nations read more »

    Papa Roach
  • 37.
    Back To The Family

    My telephone wakes me in the morning --
    have to get up to answer the call.
    So I think I'll go back to the family
    where no one can ring me at all.
    Living this life has its problems
    so I think that I'll give it a break.
    Oh, I'm going back to the family
    `cos I've had about all I can take.

    Master's in the counting house
    counting all his money.
    Sister's sitting by the mirror --
    she thinks her hair looks funny.
    And here am I thinking to myself
    just wond'ring what things to do.

    I think I enjoyed all my problems
    Where I did not get nothing for free.
    Oh, I'm going back to the family --
    doing nothing is bothering me.
    I'll get a train back to the city
    that soft life is getting me down.
    There's more fun away from the family
    get some action when I pull into town.

    Everything I do is wrong,
    what the hell was I thinking?
    Phone keeps ringing all day long
    I got no time for thinking.
    And every day has the same old way
    of giving me too much to do. read more »

    Jethro Tull
  • 38.
    At Christmas

    (i. hanson/t. hanson/z. hanson)

    Snows falling down as you step out of your car
    Presents in your arms and you’ve traveled far
    Some one opens the door with a smile on there face
    And you know you’ve come to the right place read more »

  • 39.
    Family Man

    K. cross/r. fenn/m. frye/m. oldfield
    M. pert/m. reilly

    She had sulky smile
    She took her standard pose as she presented herself
    She had sultry eyes, she made it perfectly plain that she was his
    For a price read more »

    Hall & Oates
  • 40.
    Barely Out of Teenage

    Where’d you get that jacket
    Did it fall, off a lorry
    Where’d you get those lines
    On your forehead, was it worry
    I remember you ? ? ? 1976
    Did you get a good part exchange
    On security for kicks read more »

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