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  • 11.
    Keep It in The Family

    The public enemy’s not the man who speaks his mind
    The public enemy’s the man that goes and acts blind
    Searching for an answer that he’ll never find
    An action from reaction and you can’t make a retraction
    Once you put your head out
    And then you’re blue in the face
    As you try to state your case
    You can think with your dick but it can’t shout
    I try to understand what the hell is going on
    I can’t imagine how things ever got so far gone
    You separatists, say you want your own read more »

  • 12.
    Family Portrait

    Uh, uh, some deep shit, uh, uh

    Momma please stop cryin, I can’t stand the sound
    Your pain is painful and it’s tearin’ me down
    I hear glasses breakin as I sit up in my bed
    I told God you didn’t mean those nasty things you
    Said read more »

  • 13.
    Family Of Man

    This tired city was somebody's dream
    Billboard horizons as black as they seem
    Four level highways across the land
    We're building a home for the family of man read more »

    Three Dog Night
  • 14.
    One Big Family

    Get ready for the judge in me
    Its coming over
    Get on your feet
    All my goodness is all I got for you
    Have I shown you lately read more »

  • 15.
    Shame In Scandal In The Family

    Who is me shame in scandal in the family.
    Who is me shame in scandal in the family.

    In Trinidad there was a family
    with much confusion as you will see.
    There was a mama and a papa and a boy who was grow
    who want to be married have a wife of his own.
    he found the young girl
    who suiting him nice read more »

    Lee Curtis
  • 16.
    Scared Silent

    (Marcella Detroit)
    Little secrets too bad to tell
    Little secrets of my holy hell
    I'm invaded without a sound
    One word and it comes tumblin' down
    This family is a tyranny
    And it's ruled however he wants it to be
    This family is a tyranny
    And it's taken over me read more »

    Detroit Marcella
  • 17.
    We Are Family

    We are family
    I got all my sisters with me
    We are family
    Get up everybody and sing
    We are family
    I got all my sisters with me
    We are family
    Get up everybody and sing read more »

    Spice Girls
  • 18.

    Yeah what’s the deal y’all this missy elliott givin y’all magazine writer’s
    Radio cats listers or plain old haters a small piece of my album which is
    Titled under construction under consrtuction simply states that I’m a work in
    Progress I’m working on myself you know uh every since aaliyah passed I view
    Life in a uh more valuable way looking at hate and anger gossip or just plain read more »

    Missy Elliott
  • 19.
    I'm A Family Man

    Hate was pushed away by sorrow
    Now I'm just waiting for tomorrow
    They will make my life a sudden end
    Death is the punishment for me
    I feel so lonely here
    Memories are the only thing what remained read more »

    Pungent Stench
  • 20.
    Family Man

    Music by Lindsey Buckingham
    Lyrics by Lindsey Buckingham and Richard Dasbut
    I FALL DOWN read more »

    Fleetwood Mac
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