Songs About / On: COMMIT

In this page, songs on / about “commit” are listed.
  • 1.
    Don Quixote

    Honor was not just a word
    To Knights of old who pledged their faith
    In love over gold, love over gold
    Now they laughed at his fantasy world
    And maximized all the potentials to earn read more »

    Cherry Poppin Daddies
  • 2.
    One Eyed Hound

    Mister you've been caught at last chasing dogs in moonlight
    This man committed a sin
    This man he never can win read more »

  • 3.

    See the outlaw stands alone beneath the burning sun
    The raging badlands now is his home
    There’s no sign of victory, he lost his liberty
    And the only woman that he loved read more »

  • 4.
    Wash It Down

    Imagine all the words we’re spitting
    Would be killing inside
    Being trapped in a jungle
    Be cool don’t fight
    There are no enemies no justice
    But now you need revenge
    Everytime I show my faces
    To earn your respect read more »

    Guano Apes
  • 5.

    It’s alright
    I won’t commit my friend
    And if you pay for your mistakes
    You can break apology
    It’s just fine read more »

    Pete Yorn
  • 6.
    Invitation Au Suicide

    From beneath the depths of her nest
    Tara Ntula comes for thee
    So let her legs swarm over you
    As she draws upon your bed
    Ebony body in your flesh read more »

    Christian Death
  • 7.
    Other Voices

    Whisper your name in an empty room
    You brush past my skin
    As soft as fur
    Taking hold
    I taste your scent
    Distant noises
    Other voices
    Pounding in my broken head
    Commit the sin
    Commit yourself
    And all the other voices said
    Change your mind
    You're always wrong read more »

  • 8.
    Goddess Meetra's Victim

    Gloomy wood
    Men in white
    March of death
    To the temple
    Gods demend read more »

  • 9.
    Valley Of Dreams

    (Dr. Sin)
    Last night a dream stole me away from reality
    Kind of shook me up
    Left me lying, shaking in a cold sweat
    But like the the moth of proverbs read more »

    Dr. Sin
  • 10.
    It's My Life (3 53)

    (Mark Hollis / Tim Friese-Greene)
    Funny how I find myself
    In love with you
    If I could buy my reasoning
    I would pay to lose read more »

    Talk Talk
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