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  • 21.
    Lets Have A Party

    One day I met Minnie Mouse
    She said baby, let's play house
    I said honey, I do more but
    What if Mickey comes knocking on the door
    She said honey, let's hit the sack read more »

  • 22.
    Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car

    Hey (hey) you (you), get into my car
    Who me?
    Yes you, get into my car
    Wooooooooooooooh. Wah! Yeah! read more »

    Billy Ocean
  • 23.
    I'm Alright

    I’m alright
    Nobody worry ’bout me
    Why you got to gimme a fight?
    Can’t you just let it be?

    I’m alright
    Don’t nobody worry ’bout me
    You got to gimme a fight
    Why don’t you just let me be read more »

    Kenny Loggins
  • 24.
    I'm Alright

    I'm alright
    Nobody worry 'bout me
    Why you got to gimme a fight?
    Can't you just let it be?
    I'm alright read more »

    Loggins Kenny
  • 25.

    I used to be a girlfriend and I know I did it well
    Oh yes you know it’s true
    You’d call me cinderella
    All you had to do was yell
    And I’d be there for you read more »

    Britney Spears
  • 26.
    Ophelia's Crying

    I walked into the room then I heard you had arrived
    From then on it was going to be a glorious night.
    I hoped you'd think I was beautiful
    I wanted you as mine with love bountiful
    I couldn't get you on the floor, but when Cinderella walked through the read more »

  • 27.
    Stronger Than Me

    So you closed your eyes in the morning
    You said you want to start smoking again
    You said you had that dream last night
    Of the stranger in your room
    You said you want to start making new friends
    Well I'd found some peace
    You want release
    You must be stronger than me

    I don't know how you can take it
    Invest your heart and then you break it
    I don't know how you can set it free
    You must be stronger than me
    Set it up but it's not perfect
    Tear it down cause it's not worth it
    If someone else can light your mystery
    They must be stronger than me

    So I closed my eyes at midnight
    Cinderella must go home
    But the map was burned
    And I've taken a wrong turn
    And I found myself alone
    I'm tired of this war
    I don't want to fight no more
    You must be stronger than me

    So it's too late then
    You could have told me when
    Living died and passion lied
    Now you're a refugee
    Well if it's what you need
    Run away from the truth you see
    You must be stronger than read more »

    Collective Soul
  • 28.
    Another Bedtime Story

    (jim beauhall/s. johns)

    His eyes could melt her soul
    He’s makin’ all his moves just right
    His smile has her longin’ for
    His touch tonight read more »

    Amie Comeaux
  • 29.
    Come September

    Her bones will ache
    Her mouth will shake
    And as the passion dies
    Her magic heart will break
    She’ll fly to france
    ’cause there’s no chance
    No hope for cinderella
    Come september
    Her violet sky
    Will need to cry
    ’cause if it doesn’t rain
    Then everything will die
    She needs to heal
    She needs to feel
    Something more than tender
    Come september read more »

    Natalie Imbruglia
  • 30.
    Blow You Away

    Your friends are making faces
    when we walk in these places
    am I to blame
    why don't you blow, blow, blow,
    blow them all away and start again read more »

    Verve Pipe
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