Songs About / On: CHILDHOOD

In this page, songs on / about “childhood” are listed.
  • 41.
    Dead God In Me

    To slit the grinning wounds
    from childhood's Seven Moons
    The palette stained with
    the ejaculated passions
    (of forbidden, hedonistic colours) read more »

    In Flames
  • 42.
    Suffer Age

    Compressed youthful voices
    Suffer age
    Below John's floors
    Lingering death
    Gagging your fears
    Dead in horror
    Grizzly facial stare read more »

    Fear Factory
  • 43.
    Cant Anybody Stay Together

    Can't Anybody Stay Together
    Oh no, oh no..Prince Charming's leaving on
    And Cinderella's running along
    No glass slipper this time and no more compromise read more »

    Innocence Mission
  • 44.
    Bringer Of Torture

    Young girl so sweet and once so innocent
    Your life so brutal, true emotions
    You scream but he won't hear a word till
    he's had his way read more »

  • 45.
    Borderline Angel

    On the streets they call her angel
    She's got innocent eyes
    She'll take a man to heaven
    If he pays the price
    She swears it's not forever read more »

    Farmers Daughter
  • 46.
    Pilot Of A Private Yacht

    They treat him well enough though
    As he takes them to the warmest seas
    As they enjoy the silence
    And seclusion of the sun lounge
    They have to thank him read more »

    Fitzgerald Patrik
  • 47.
    To The Deceased

    Dark mirrors curse
    The ivory grief
    Brown pearls fade
    Shadows on pale walls

    Decay glides through the rotten room
    Angels blue eyes
    Open up and fade
    To black read more »

  • 48.

    by which i write these words
    and my heart leaps awkwardly
    at the sound of it read more »

  • 49.

    A life in desolation, remained in naievety
    Criminal aberrancy, they rest among their ancestry
    As an adolescent his life was filled with agony
    Rancour put a tragic end to the affinity read more »

  • 50.
    The Sacrifice Of Spring

    In cascades we writhe
    An ethereal lullaby
    To sing sorrows so sweet
    In this time unique
    Come claim me read more »

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