Songs About / On: BEAUTY

In this page, songs on / about “beauty” are listed.
  • 21.
    No Aphrodisiac

    A letter to you on a cassette
    'Cause we don't write anymore
    Gotta make it up quickly
    There's people asleep on the second floor
    There's no aphrodisiac like lonliness read more »

  • 22.
    American Beauty Rose

    Writer(s): david/evans/altman

    Daisy is darling, iris is sweet
    Lily is lovely, blossom’s a treat
    Of all the sweethearts - a guy could meet
    Well I finally chose an american beauty rose read more »

    Frank Sinatra
  • 23.
    When Daylight's Gone

    When daylight's gone, the beauty's still left
    Preserved for eternity, by the love of the night

    A sunset of embre, a rose in the sky
    Kiss of the sungod, farewell to the world
    The skies are ablaze, with the loss of the day
    And will be again, til' the morning has come read more »

    Gates Of Ishtar
  • 24.
    Venus As A Boy

    his wicked sense of humour
    suggests exciting sex
    his fingers focus on her
    touches, he's venus as a boy

    he believes in beauty
    he's venus as a boy

    he's exploring
    the taste of her
    so accurate
    he sets off
    the beauty in het
    he's venus as a boy

    he believes in beauty
    he's venus as a boy read more »

  • 25.
    Beauty And The Beast(duet With Jatt)

    (Alan Manken/Howard Ashman)
    Tale as old as time
    True as it can be
    Barely even friends
    Then somebody bends read more »

    Ziana Zain
  • 26.
    Strange Foreign Beauty

    Strange foreign beauty
    I'll never know what's in your heart
    Does anyone know how it feels to hold you
    does anyone know the secret of your mind read more »

    Michael Learns To Rock
  • 27.
    One Day

    One day maybe we will dance again
    One day maybe we will dance again
    Under fiery skies
    Under fiery skies
    One day maybe you will love again
    One day maybe you will love again
    Love that never dies
    Love that never dies read more »

  • 28.
    I Am

    I am a liberace fan
    A megastar in glam I am
    I am what bobby is to pam
    Khashoggi to iran I am

    Looking in the mirror
    The beauty that I see
    It’s hard to be this grand for free
    Beg or steal or borrow
    You’ll never live to be
    A charismatic star like me read more »

    Army of Lovers
  • 29.
    Ebony Eyes

    Ebony eyes
    Lyrics and music by Stevie Wonder
    She's a Miss Beautiful Supreme
    A girl that others wish that they could be
    If there's seven wonders of the world read more »

    Wonder Stevie
  • 30.
    Beauty School Drop Out

    Your story's sad to tell, a teenage ne'er-do-well
    Most mixed up non-delinquent on the block
    Your future's so unclear now, what's left of your career now
    Can't even get a trade-in on your smile read more »

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