Songs About / On: ANGER

In this page, songs on / about “anger” are listed.
  • 31.

    I need something ultraclean
    Plastic strap around the meat man, cutting off his will to die
    The moment looks inside us all, but time is fast and so am I
    I need something ultraclean, something with a twist
    Turn the future into the past so I don't exist read more »

  • 32.

    Agony and ecstacy
    Your cries of pain my pleasure
    To know my machine internally
    Your torment I treasure read more »

    Type O Negative
  • 33.

    I’m sleeping to encompass myself
    I wake up then distribute what’s left
    With my anger well defused
    The link to love I now may choose
    With my heart no more abused read more »

    Collective Soul
  • 34.
    Ghosts Of The Night

    (Matt Thomas/The Mavis's - Mushroom)
    Build a moat and sink the boat
    so no-one can come ashore
    everybody needs some air
    a temple they can choose to share read more »

  • 35.
    Until I Reach The Unattainable

    Sounds from the distant past, a ghost of my mind
    Raging currents which I created in my head
    Imprisoned me as I went too close
    To its final aim - within this moment
    In the gentle breeze I see it read more »

  • 36.
    Fascist Attitudes

    Why should go around and bashing one other if they look or think different, why let it bother everyone’s got their own style, their own thoughts don’t let it bother you, don’t let it get caught
    Fascist attitudes - we need the least with a scene that’s fighting for unity’s peace don’t need no more anger; no more danger don’t need to hate;stop before it’s too late learning how to respe read more »

    Agnostic Front
  • 37.
    Anger in Harmony

    No smoke without fire
    When will you ever learn
    That’s what you said to me
    Bigger the head that turns,
    I say, maybe he’s happy
    So quick to fire, never a liar in honesty read more »

    Wishbone Ash
  • 38.

    Enya, In your language is there a word for anger
    Or is it in your temple where you hide?
    Enya, In your temple you flowers bloom like fire
    But now your colours faded and you're cold
    Hide in your inner circle, Strength ain't muscle read more »

    Age Of Electric
  • 39.

    bound by frustration
    unity from pain
    unity from pain
    the irony and paradox of making the hate
    funneled down thru coils of similarity read more »

    State Of Being
  • 40.
    Time Will Tell

    I know I'm on the edge of falling through the cracks
    My strength is spent but I can't turn back
    Nothing's gonna change the way I feel
    Only time will tell
    Only time will heal


    It's not hard to look back
    It's hard to look ahead
    It's weird to think
    That someday I'll be dead
    Anger and confusion I can understand
    But failure, I just can't accept


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