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  • 31.
    Rock of America

    She knocked down my money, she knocked down my fame
    Just wanna feel I’m a part of the game
    On the radio, on tv, it’s like a heartbeat deep inside of me
    Know what I want, know how to get, it’s like the sound of a hot corvette
    Start it up, let it roll, come on baby, let’s lose control
    Ooh yeah, I wanna live it up, ooh yeah, don’t wanna give it up, oh no
    I wanna rock the rock of america, yeah baby rock the rock of america, ooh yeah
    I hear the beat everywhere, smalltown streets, union square read more »

    Bad Company
  • 32.
    Calling America

    Somebody told her that there was a place like heaven
    Across the water on a seven fourty seven -
    we're living in
    in a modern world.
    And pretty soon she's really got the notion
    Of flying out across the big blue ocean -
    we're living in
    in a modern world.
    Talk is cheap on satellite
    but all I get is static read more »

    Electric Light Orchester
  • 33.
    America Is

    America is
    America is
    America is
    America is
    America is the home of the hypocrite
    America is the home of the hypocrite
    America is the home of the hypocrite
    American dream so f-f-full of it read more »

    Violent Femmes
  • 34.
    Beautiful America

    [Are we starting from the begining or what? Yeah.]
    The man on the television said I need to drink this,
    And sleep with that in order to be cool.
    And you know that I would do almost anything,
    To be like that guy on TV. read more »

    Five Iron Frenzy
  • 35.
    (you Can Still) Rock In America

    (Jack Blades/Brad Gillis)
    Little sister
    By the record machine
    Tiny dancer
    Such a sweet sixteen read more »

    Night Ranger
  • 36.
    Sailing To America

    Excitement in the air
    There's a journey to prepare
    They check the food and water's all on board
    They're waiting for the tide
    The sails are open wide read more »

  • 37.
    America Town

    I know I should be happy in your land
    It’s not all that wild to me
    Not that I want to be any other where
    I know it’s hell out there read more »

    Five for Fighting
  • 38.
    America The Beautiful

    (traditional,. arranged by elvis presley)
    O beautiful for spacious skies
    For amber waves of grain
    For purple mountain majesties
    Above thy fruited plain read more »

    Elvis Presley
  • 39.
    Only in America

    (kix brooks/don cook/ronnie rogers)

    Sun coming up over new york city
    School bus driver in a traffic jam
    Starin’ at the faces in her rearview mirror
    Looking at the promise of the promised land
    One kid dreams of fame and fortune
    One kid helps pay the rent
    One could end up going to prison
    One just might be president read more »

    Brooks & Dunn
  • 40.

    This is america
    Pod and santana live in la casa
    Live and direct for you and yours
    Yo america, america read more »

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