Spear Of Destiny

Soldier Soldier

Soldier soldier by Spear of Destiny
Fighting in the rubble of Berlin
Soldier falls in love with the Fr{ulein
Trading whisky, food and nylons
Do it again there`s more where that come from
(Do it) (1 varv)
Her face is cut, cos he likes it rough
He tells her to live and forget
Little Hans ain`t coming back
He`s out there in a Russian prison camp
Soldier, Soldier (Tv} varv)
He took her that night to the picture show
Land of blue sky`s where the buffalo roam
The intermission comes and the news is on
Her mind drifts away to when she was....
Young lovers walking side by side
Within a year their dream had died
Now inside her head all she hears is noise
Tonight she`s an actress and his name is Hans
Soldier, soldier
I`m not your little Marlene


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