Sofia Darling

Poems of Sofia Darling

1. Chocolate Eyes 5/1/2012
2. Edge Of Your Skin 5/9/2011
3. Giant Oaks And Childhood 4/15/2012
4. Heart Shapes Bruises 11/26/2011
5. Mighty Thing 5/1/2012
6. My Favourite Game 4/28/2011
7. One Sunday Morning 1/1/2012
8. Silver Birch Tree 5/1/2012
9. Son Of Life 5/1/2012
10. Summer Romance 4/27/2011

My Favourite Game

Breathing through a tight chest
I stand at attention to the rough, tormented ocean.
The jagged edge of the cliff
My arms arise in slow motion.
Freezing and bittter
The wind rushes in my hair, violently shivers in waves.
I glare into the depths awaiting me
A cold and nasty grey maze.
A spiteful rain begins to fall

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