Sir John Carr

(1732-1807 / England)

Sir John Carr Poems

1. Farewell Lines To Bristol Hot Wells 9/30/2010
2. Impromptu Lines 9/30/2010
3. Impromptu Lines On A Very Handsome Woman 9/30/2010
4. Impromptu To Madame C---- 9/30/2010
5. Jeu D’esprit 9/30/2010
6. Lines 9/30/2010
7. Lines _To A Laurel-Leaf_, 9/30/2010
8. Lines _To The Memory Of Mrs. A.H. Holdsworth_, 9/30/2010
9. Lines _To The Tune Of 9/30/2010
10. Lines _Upon A Diamond Cross_ 9/30/2010
11. Lines _Upon The Death Of The Lady Of Lieutenant-Colonel Adams_, 9/30/2010
12. Lines Addressed To A Young Lady In Germany 9/30/2010
13. Lines Occasioned By The Death Of Lieutenant J--- 9/30/2010
14. Lines On A Little Bird 9/30/2010
15. Lines On Lady W---- Appearing At The Exhibition 9/30/2010
16. Lines On The Caledonian Harp Being Succeeded By The Highland Bagpipes 9/30/2010
17. Lines Sent With Some Indian Rouge To Miss W---- 9/30/2010
18. Lines Supposed To Be Written By A Female Friend. 9/30/2010
19. Lines To A Promising Young Artist 9/30/2010
20. Lines To A Robin 9/30/2010
21. Lines To A Young Lady 9/30/2010
22. Lines To An Accomplished Young Lady 9/30/2010
23. Lines To An Auricula, Belonging To---- 9/30/2010
24. Lines To Annette 9/30/2010
25. Lines To Delia On Her Wearing A Muslin Veil 9/30/2010
26. Lines To Fortune 9/30/2010
27. Lines To Health 9/30/2010
28. Lines To Her Royal Highness The Princess Elizabeth 9/30/2010
29. Lines To Julia 9/30/2010
30. Lines To Lady Warren 9/30/2010
31. Lines To Mis---- 9/30/2010
32. Lines To Miss ---- 9/30/2010
33. Lines To Miss C. 9/30/2010
34. Lines To Miss Chinnery,Of Gillwell-House 9/30/2010
35. Lines To Miss E. Atkinson 9/30/2010
36. Lines To Miss L---- D---- 9/30/2010
37. Lines To Mrs. A. Clarke 9/30/2010
38. Lines To Mrs. B---, At Bristol Hot Wells 9/30/2010
39. Lines To My Mother _On Her Attaining Her 70th Year_. 9/30/2010
40. Lines To Selina 9/30/2010
Best Poem of Sir John Carr

An Irish Song

Poor Molly O'Flannagan (Lord rest her soul!)
Drank so deeply of whiskey, 'twas thought she would die;
Her fond lover, Pat, from her
cabin stole,
And stepp'd into Dublin to buy her a pie.
Oh! poor Molly O'Flannagan!

Tho' chin-deep in sorrow, yet fun he lov'd well;
A pie-man pass'd near, crying 'Pies' at his
'Here are pies of all sorts.'-'Oh! if all sorts you sell,
Then a
twopenny magpie
for me, if you
Oh! poor Molly O'Flannagan!

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A Song Ii

When stormy show'rs from Heav'n descend,
And with their weight the lily bend,
The Sun will soon his aid bestow,
And drink the drops that laid it low.

Oh! thus, when sorrow wrings the heart,
A sigh may rise, a tear may start;
Pity shall soon the face impress
With all its looks of happiness.

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