Sir John Carr

(1732-1807 / England)

Sir John Carr Poems

1. Epigram On Winning A Young Lady’s Money At Cards 9/30/2010
2. Sonnet upon a Swedish Cottage 9/30/2010
3. Stae Tricks 10/1/2010
4. The Fury Of Discord 10/1/2010
5. The Hectic 10/1/2010
6. The Hermit’s Epitaph 10/1/2010
7. The Mushroom 10/1/2010
8. The Song Of Grief 10/1/2010
9. Time And The Lover 10/1/2010
10. To Miss Atkinson 10/1/2010
11. To The Memory Of Mrs, B---- 10/1/2010
12. To The Moon 10/1/2010
13. To The Tomb Of A Friend 10/1/2010
14. Two Songs 10/1/2010
15. Valentine Verses 10/1/2010
16. Verses On An Autumn Leaf 10/1/2010
17. Verses To Miss M. G---- Accompanied With A Dried Heliotrope 10/1/2010
18. Written In A Grotto In Devonshire 10/1/2010
19. Yarrimore 10/1/2010
20. A Roundelay 9/30/2010

Am Indian Massacre-Song

See, the waves clasp the Sun, as he sinks from our sight,
And Despair sullen rides on the wings of the night;
Lo! he comes, and reproaches our arms with delay,-
Then arise, let us go where Revenge points the way!

In the deed should we fall, (since who'll e'er breathe a slave?)
Our free souls shall repose in the realms of the brave;
In the song we shall live, and fresh heroes inspire,
While the son shall exult in the fate of his sire.

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