Shashikant Nishant Sharma

Rookie - 34 Points (03 September,1988 / Sonepur, Saran, Bihar, India)

Shashikant Nishant Sharma Poems

1. Chilling Wind In Summer Night 4/16/2012
2. Imran- Hey Man...! 4/18/2012
3. तेरी ख़ामोशी... 4/20/2012
4. किसका सुख किसको भाता है 4/20/2012
5. जो हो न अपना उसे देख मन क्यों पागल 4/20/2012
6. जिंदगीभर. 4/21/2012
7. चल मेरे साथी चल 4/21/2012
8. प्रकृति तेरी अजब कृति 4/21/2012
9. बुद्ध पूर्णिमा 4/21/2012
10. जन्मास्टमी 4/21/2012
11. उम्मीदों की किरण 4/24/2012
12. The Hindu 4/29/2012
13. Osho The Great 4/30/2012
14. तेरी पलकें झुकीं झुकीं 4/16/2012
15. हर शाम जो मेरे ख्वाबों में आती है सताती है 4/16/2012
16. फुल तेरी यांदों के पन्नों में रह गए 5/1/2012
17. याद करके खवाबों में बुलाया न करो 5/3/2012
18. Friendship: In Rhythm Of Life 5/4/2012
19. मुझे इतना पिला दे साकी 5/10/2012
20. Conflict Of Interests 5/10/2012
21. Group Dynamics (Inspired By And Dedicated To Tuckman) 5/10/2012
22. Defence Mechanism 5/7/2012
23. Lonely For You Only 5/9/2012
24. Levels Of Sub-Consciousness 5/14/2012
25. News 5/16/2012
26. कौन पूछता है किसको 5/25/2012
27. To Succeed You Need A Plan 5/25/2012
28. एक नन्ही सी है मेरी बहन 5/25/2012
29. आज है गाँधी जयंती 5/25/2012
30. I Saw A Little Boy Playing Without Toy 5/25/2012
31. O My Darling 5/28/2012
32. I Want To See 5/28/2012
33. Passion And Profession: Beggary 5/28/2012
34. O My Grandmother 5/30/2012
35. O Beautiful Lady 5/30/2012
36. Come, Come Closer To Me Before I Die 5/31/2012
37. A Great Time To Sahara Time 6/1/2012
38. Comely Cute Girl 6/4/2012
39. Judge Of Justice (Why This Poverty) 6/4/2012
40. A Prayer 6/4/2012
Best Poem of Shashikant Nishant Sharma

A Short Love Story

Started with meetings and greetings
Talked a lot in few sublime seatings
When I asked her name
She told very soon
My name is moon
I asked what do you want and why
She told me with a shy, sky
My dream is to fly so high
When I asked when you will meet next
She remained silent and later text
During the dawn of Doomsday
I thought and pondered all day
She had told with eyes filled of tear
I asked from what you fear my dear
She expressed the consequences of love
I thought she must have experienced love
Wanted to know who hurt her feeling
The last ...

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Sun- Source Of Energy

Sun, the source of energy
Ward off the lethargy
Fills vigor and vitality
Shining from eternity
Looking at the rising sun
The heart fills with fun
All things start to run
After the sunrise
Till the sunset

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