Shaikh Mehmood

[Shaikh] (Karachi, Pakistan)

Poems of Shaikh Mehmood

1. Awakening! 10/22/2013
2. Latent 10/22/2013
3. The Almighty God 10/22/2013
4. The First Step 10/20/2013
5. The lovely Why 5/22/2014
6. The Melancholy Journey 10/22/2013
7. Victors For The Noblest Sake 10/22/2013

The Melancholy Journey

No sign of a blush, no stir in the air_ in the solitary,
The man was still as he could be in the dark vicinity.

He flew from his heaven, but received no further motion,
As the keel gets steady in the vast ocean.

Without either sign or sound of at least a bug,
Only what he could do was just to shrug.

[Hata Bildir]