Treasure Island

Shaikh Mehmood

[Shaikh] (Karachi, Pakistan)

Poems of Shaikh Mehmood

1. Awakening! 10/22/2013
2. Latent 10/22/2013
3. The Almighty God 10/22/2013
4. The First Step 10/20/2013
5. The lovely Why 5/22/2014
6. The Melancholy Journey 10/22/2013
7. Victors For The Noblest Sake 10/22/2013

The First Step

Somewhere here on this mortal land,
Existed a state with barbaric head.

Where prejudice prevailed, rules were neglect.
Might ruled as right_ poor owed dread.

But among the men; with suffering hearts,

[Hata Bildir]