Shah Jehan Ashrafi

Poems of Shah Jehan Ashrafi

1. Fear 2/22/2013
2. Guilt 2/26/2013
3. Incognito 8/24/2013
4. Lost 2/22/2013
5. Miss you loads 2/22/2013
6. Sorrow 2/21/2013
7. The Mystic 2/21/2013
8. The Wizard 8/24/2013
9. Water Water everywhere 8/24/2013

Miss you loads

My mum she was, kind and meek
In the wardrobe of my memories for her do I now seek
She is gone in the tomb
There she is carefree like in a mother's womb
Devoted she remained as long as she was alive
Indebted to her sweet tender care does my whole being thrive
Her face was my solace
She was my life's only Ace
Her shadow was my comfort

[Hata Bildir]