Treasure Island

Shah Jehan Ashrafi

Poems of Shah Jehan Ashrafi

1. Fear 2/22/2013
2. Guilt 2/26/2013
3. Incognito 8/24/2013
4. Lost 2/22/2013
5. Miss you loads 2/22/2013
6. Sorrow 2/21/2013
7. The Mystic 2/21/2013
8. The Wizard 8/24/2013
9. Water Water everywhere 8/24/2013


The scorching sun was laughing
Blisters of my feet were crying
My heart sweated with fear
By my side was no one dear
Tears in my eyes were stout
I could not find my way out
I was lost in the dry desert
Emotions poured out of my heart
I kept wandering like a bee

[Hata Bildir]