Sant Tukaram

(1608 - 1650 / Dehu, Pune / India)

Sant Tukaram Poems

1. If Men 5/2/2012
2. Argue No More About It 5/2/2012
3. The Chief Of The Yadavas 5/2/2012
4. To Arrange Words 5/2/2012
5. Where Does One Begin With You? 5/2/2012
6. Alone At Your Feet 5/2/2012
7. When I Lose Myself 5/2/2012
8. In Me Thou Livest 5/2/2012
9. I Speak Yet Am I Silent 5/2/2012
10. If Only You Would 5/2/2012
11. Children Dressed In Tatters 5/2/2012
12. Mother God 5/2/2012
13. How Could A Lover Fall? 5/2/2012
14. Name Of God 5/2/2012
15. First He Looked Confused 5/2/2012
16. The Price? 4/6/2010
17. All Blest Are They 4/6/2010
18. Can Water Drink Itself? 5/2/2012
19. All Men To Me Are God-Like Gods! 4/6/2010
20. Smaller Than The Smallest Atom 4/6/2010
21. None See Me Off 4/6/2010
22. Thou Art More Kind Than Mother Dear 4/6/2010
23. Abhangs (A Short Collection) 1/1/2004
Best Poem of Sant Tukaram

Abhangs (A Short Collection)

I was sleeping when Namdeo and Vitthal Stepped into my dream.
'Your job is to make poems. Stop wasting time,' Namdeo said.
Vitthal gave me the measure and gently aroused me from a dream inside a dream.
Namdeo vowed to write one billion poems.
'Tuka, all the unwritten ones are your responsibility.'

To repeat Your name is to string pearls together.
The pleasure in your manifested form is always new.
I have ceased to desire the unembodied God.
Your worshippers do not seek liberation.
With You, it is still possible to give and to receive.
What use is ...

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None See Me Off

None see me off. Let those go home who will
Receive this blessing from a loosing heart
Let righteous deed secure you all good weal
Ye brought me up and gave me to one
who will not give you cause for anxious thoughts
I must now walk with my dear Lord of Life
Whom have I followed with inborn love.
If your love for me I give free scope
'T will cause delay.Be calm,allay your grief

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