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Sanjay K John

Rookie [sanju]

Poems of Sanjay K John

1. am I sad 10/12/2013
2. Barbie's Father 11/7/2013
3. Begging to my love 8/24/2013
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5. My Barbie doll 8/25/2013
6. My Barbie Forever 11/15/2013
7. My life to you 10/7/2013
8. Outstanding Maker 8/25/2013
9. Sorry to my life 8/24/2013
10. Star-Diamond-Love 3/5/2014
11. With You 8/25/2013

With You

With you for just
a while
shadows slip way with your smile

feeling the good of your touch
has come to mean so very much

like the slowing down of the sea,
with you mean much to me


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