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Sandi J Holland poet

I have a clerical background and have been writing non-fiction and poetry for 25+ years. I am a self-taught writer whose work has been published in:

Midwest Poetry Review
SA-DE Books Anthology
TPAC Newsletter
Poetry Motel
Salesian Missions

Poetry is my favorite type of writing. I also write articles, essays, reports, handmades products descriptions, business marketing collateral, and other.

Though I've had work published, I am a self and small-press publisher, preferring not to peddle my work for publication by others. I am working on publishing my first book through Amazon CreateSpace. It is a book of Haiku, the first in a series with a nature theme.

I was born and raised in the southern U.S.A. I have one grown son, and I assist my 74-year-old mother. I am also a part-time student at a state college, in a business management program. Updates

Your Laughter

Your laughter blew into my life
With swift surprise.
It spun happily around me,
Whirling with dizzy speed.
Its breeze licked and kissed
At my ears.
Entering quickly,
It found places in my mind,
My heart, my soul.
It raced in,
Filling me with a whirlwind
Of joyous anticipation.

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