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I have a clerical background and have been writing non-fiction and poetry for 25+ years. I am a self-taught writer whose work has been published in:

Midwest Poetry Review
SA-DE Books Anthology
TPAC Newsletter
Poetry Motel
Salesian Missions

Poetry is my favorite type of writing. I also write articles, essays, reports, handmades products descriptions, business marketing collateral, and other.

Though I've had work published, I am a self and small-press publisher, preferring not to peddle my work for publication by others. I am working on publishing my first book through Amazon CreateSpace. It is a book of Haiku, the first in a series with a nature theme.

I was born and raised in the southern U.S.A. I have one grown son, and I assist my 74-year-old mother. I am also a part-time student at a state college, in a business management program. Updates

The Draining

Oh, bleeding heart!
Oh blood so red and deep.
Why, oh why
Can't I keep this distress
From me?

My heart is broken and torn.
I weep.
In spirit I long for,
And strain,
And reach for joy.
I leap,
And fall.

Oh! Bleeding heart!
Your vise is evermore.
I can but only crawl.

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