Samuel Flockhart


Poems of Samuel Flockhart

1. Anger 11/13/2013
2. Hail Master 9/15/2013
3. I Can Hear Her.. 11/13/2013
4. I Hate Myself 10/26/2013
5. If I Die Before I Wake 11/9/2013
6. Song of the Soul 11/3/2013
7. The Ship is Sinking 11/9/2013
8. The Weed Beneath The Stone 12/28/2013
9. War Cry 9/15/2013

Song of the Soul

Imprisoned by blood and flesh and bone
Prayer for the Wild, denied to roam
For how can one be warm alone?
Heart of fire, now turned to stone.
Who am I?

I am that which reaches, beyond all height
I am a pillar of rage, ready to fight
Encaged by doubt, enslaved by pain

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