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S.zaynub Kamoonpuri

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S.zaynub Kamoonpuri poet

Im an Indian frm lucknow n Aligarh. I was born in West Africa (Nigeria) , grew n brought up in South Africa (Swaziland) and now currently living in East Africa (Tanzania) . I won a silver medal n bronze medal in an international USA poetry Contest. I've won several silver n bronze trophies and even one gold cup in other international poetry contests n sites. Im more a prolific reader than a writer n m an observer researcher. I began scribblin poems at 5. I write poems for entertainment and for imparting message. Some of them r frm my personal life diary account.

What's gone global.

Everyone learns what's known as the Arabic numerals
like many learnt the Roman numerals
Anyone can:
Dine on delicious swiss rolls
Snack on french fries
Read the Arabian Nights
Eat the Danish pastry wow
Let the Spanish moss grow!
Sip cappuchino in their china

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