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Roy Allen Poems

1. Today... 'The Good Shepherd' 4/10/2012
2. Life Born Of Love 6/23/2013
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4. Today... 'The Lamb Of God' 4/3/2013
5. Today... 'Hope' 3/14/2013
6. Today... 'The Brightness Of The Father's Glory' 3/10/2012
7. Today... 'The Bread Of Life' 4/1/2012
8. Today... 'Beginning Of The Creation Of God' 3/5/2012
9. Today... 'Faithful God' 6/6/2012
10. Today... 'God My Maker' 6/9/2012
11. Today... 'Jehovah, The God Of Humankind' 5/24/2012
12. Today... 'The Rose Of Sharon' 3/3/2013
13. Today... 'Christ Our Passover Lamb' 4/4/2012
14. Today... 'The Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah' 6/5/2012
15. Today... 'Father To The Fatherless' 9/8/2012
16. Today... 'The Cornerstone' 5/8/2012
17. Today... 'The Christ Of God' 3/11/2012
18. Today... 'God's Fellow' 7/9/2012
19. Today... 'The Glory Of Your People Israel' 12/8/2012
20. Today... 'Leader' 6/23/2013
21. Today... 'The Everlasting Light' 4/13/2012
22. Today... 'The Chosen One' 3/18/2012
23. Today... 'Blessing For All Nations' 3/26/2012
24. Today... 'The Grain Of Wheat' 4/7/2013
25. Today... 'The Bridegroom' 3/9/2012
26. Today... 'The Great High Priest' 3/23/2012
27. Today... 'Christ Jesus Our Lord' 3/28/2012
28. Today... 'The Carpenters Son' 2/24/2012
29. Today... 'Man Of Sorrows' 6/12/2012
30. Today... 'Mighty God' 3/3/2013
31. Today... 'The Head Of The Church' 7/11/2012
32. Today... 'God Who Answers By Fire' 5/13/2013
33. Today... 'The King Of Glory' 4/2/2013
34. Today... 'The Everlasting King' 8/15/2012
35. Today... 'God's Dear Son' 9/9/2012
36. Today... 'The King Of Kings' 12/17/2012
37. Today... 'Consuming Fire' 4/22/2012
38. Today... 'The Comforter' 4/21/2012
39. Today... 'Author Of Eternal Salvation' 5/5/2012
40. Today... 'Faithful And True' 4/26/2012
Best Poem of Roy Allen

Today... 'The Good Shepherd'

The ninety and nine in the fold safely lay
But this one sheep had foolishly gone astray
And as he lay bleating all lost and afraid
The Good Shepherd heard his cry and came to his aid

All through the wilderness the Good Shepherd went
To seek and save the lost sheep was His intent
Fierce ravening wolves pursued Him all the way
and the thorns tore His flesh throughout that day.

All through the night he toiled and did not sleep
For he was determined to rescue and save His lost sheep
Even though in Gethsemane drops of blood He sweat
He would not be ...

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Today... 'Almighty God'.

Jehovah is the Almighty God in heaven
and worthy to be worshipped and feared by all men.
Creator of the great heavens and earth is He
and Author of our Salvation and destiny.

From everlasting to everlasting reigning from high
All Knowing He watches with His all seeing eye.
For there is no place that His presence is not known
this all powerful God seated on heavens throne.

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