Ronjoy Brahma

Gold Star - 17,907 Points (2 November 1994- / Amteka (Chirang) /Assam, India)

Biography of Ronjoy Brahma

Ronjoy Brahma poet

(I have always felt a strong urge to pass on some message of social and moral relevance to my people and the human society as a whole. this is what inspired me to take up writing) Ronjoy Brahma, a modern Bodo (a language of the Tibeto-Burman group) poet, writer and essayist. at an early age (ten years old) he is already knew that I wanted to an author, poet and writer.
Ronjoy Brahma a growing young Bodo language poet from Chirang district of Assam, India. the poet has been writing poetry from the age of twelf, when he was reading in middle primary school. and was first published in the year january of 2012s. the theme of his poetry is about love, romanticism, solitude, freedom, inspiration, lyrics, satire, hymn, ode etc.. born in a small village of Amteka area's name Roumari, Chirang district, near Bhutan border, and the third son of Lahen Brahma (father) and Sumitra Brahma (mother) . Brahma early attended his schooling in 2000, and started his education life from Kunguri LP School (Bodo medium) 2000 to 2006. Admitted for his midle primary education at Amteka M.E. School from 2006 to 2009. from 2009 to 2012 High School, after pass his matricullate (High School Leaving Certificate) he is attended Bongaigaon College 2012-2014 (Higher Secondary) , and he studied in the same college for his Degree course (Bachelor Arts) under Gauhati University till today. Brahma wrote bodo short story, drama, poetry and novel (not yet popular) and brahma did this in 2009 his High School life from.
Education details: - Kunguri LP School 2000-2006, Amteka ME & High School 2006-2012, Bongaigaon College 2012-till,12th P.U pass from Bongaigaon College (Arts) in 2014 & High School Leaving Certificate from Amteka High School under SEBA (Secondary Education Board of Assam) in the year of 2012s.
Now B.A. Bodo Literature of Bongaigaon College.
Early life: - born on 2nd November,1994 to poor family Lahen Brahma and Sumitra Brahma, in the village of Amteka Roumari under Bijini sub-division (now Amguri) in the district of chirang.
when the brahma is a age of four to eight years old, he is a simple and witless. with he is unclean and any activity undertaken for pleasure.
At that time his father gave him the nick name of the Bakhunda (meaning tilthy) , a name that stuck to him in family and village circles after 2004 to 2007. one day his village friends (mainly brothers) gave him the nick name of Phwila (A boro filmy comedian actor name) , a name that stuck to him in village circles and outsides, from 2010 to till today. now some others college friends call him the other name Latha, Ronjoy Brahma was started his writing from school days. his first bodo poetry- Baonai Nonga Bodofa (Not forget to Bodofa) was published in january 2012 when he was studying in class X (ten) . he wrote:
" Najadwngmwn nwng bodofa
Mengnai gwiya jirainai gwiya
Ganghab ukwihab
Tandwi mohorwi rwika kalamnw boro harikow,
Najadwngmwn nwng bodofa bikani twi hwnanwi
Boro harikow fwtangnw!
Hayakiswi jwhwlao nwng simangkow
Mwktang mohor hwnw.
Ganrnangbai olokod somao obotira
Gaoni agwma jiu!
Asokanda jalangbai simang mijinga
Galangbailo bodofa nwng jarimin
Dintilangbai boronw mwnse lama.
Hangma tanangbai nwng jwhwlao
Boro harikow sibinw! !
Baonai nonga jwhwlao
Nwngni be gwtar gwswjwng
Boro fisakow onsainai
Sibibai tagwn jeblabw nwngkow
Alari bathi saona
Nwngni munklong kampayao...!
Nwngni be maonanwi galangnai
Jariminanw dinwini be mulugao
Jangkrikanghwbai boro harikow
Alada raijw swrjinai." since then, he is spadually moved on in the path of his literary career.

Ronjoy Brahma's Works:

Baonai Nonga Bodofa-poetry (2012) , Tunlai Swrjini -poetry (2012) , Dinwini Gwswkangthiyao-poetry (2013) , Miniglabnai- poetry (2014)
Gangse laijam: swrang dinthi gurunw- poetry (2015)
William Shakespeareni Sainasali- poetry (2015)
Agwi Seoalini Paili- poetry (2015)
Jongkailu Konthaini Mwnse Jongkhailu- poetry (2015) Updates

आय' दैज्लां

आय' मा इसे सुनि दैज्लां
जेव जेव अरखनाय आफा
खुथाब खुथाब मावनांनाय बोथोर
नङा नङा नोँखौ सुनि बुंजाया
दैज्लां फैयाब्ला रसा नाङो आबादारि
हालाय हाफाय जायो आंबो
दैज्लां फैयाब्ला थायो खरान ।
आय' दैज्लां लाबोयो बाना
लाबोयो अखा दामब्रा

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