Robert Leary

Rookie - 10 Points (New London, Connecticut)

Robert Leary Poems

1. A Partner 12/1/2009
2. The Beetle 7/25/2010
3. Question 7/31/2010
4. Reflections In Carpinteria 8/23/2010
5. Return To You 9/6/2010
6. Autumn Comes 9/22/2010
7. Last Night 2/13/2011
8. Isaura 3/29/2011
9. Let Me Be The One 5/21/2011
10. Table 26 7/20/2011
11. The Can Man 1/1/2012
12. Salsa At The Fair 2/19/2012
13. The Dream 4/24/2012
14. Often 6/8/2012
15. Confrontation With My Face 7/1/2012
16. Bird's Leg Beneath The Dawn 9/18/2012
17. Simply Love 10/2/2012
18. These Barns 7/21/2014
19. I Loved You All 7/21/2014
20. To My Son 7/28/2014
21. Another Year 1/1/2010
22. Death Wait 1/11/2010
23. Ode To Artaud 9/25/2010
24. Return Blind 2/8/2010
25. Pooch 1/18/2011
26. Alone 1/21/2011
27. Love Lessons 1/4/2011
28. How Like A Bird 11/21/2010
29. The Road To Erato 11/30/2009
30. The Vase 4/1/2012
31. The Fly 11/30/2009
32. A Love So Deep....The Alligator And The Butterfly 12/2/2009
33. The Pundit And The Puppet 11/29/2009
Best Poem of Robert Leary

The Pundit And The Puppet

The puppet has a vision
With many strings attached
A life for every season
Winter, Summer, Spring or Fall
Not liking one or all
He can ask the fingers for revision
If he wants to posture large or small
He can change for any reason

For personalities he might jest
Play the role of Rufus Rose
A modern version of Pinocchio
A rendering of Cyrano
Court the lovely courtesan
Princes Summer Fall Winter Spring
Turn the mirror on himself
Act out who he wish he was
Or with flick of finger
Play himself again

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Death Wait

Death, wait, wait I have more things to do
I’ll take care of what’s left of me
Just wait, wait, my son’s not ready
The boat’s not finished
Horses need to be fed, bridles cleaned.
Death, wait, wait I have more things to see
China waits, the Russian Steppes,
Wars will end and I’ll walk though
The Khyber Pass on my way to you

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