Robert Dummett

Robert Dummett Poems

1. On First Looking Onto Wintry Fields 6/1/2006
2. Invincible 6/1/2006
3. The Great Leveller 6/1/2006
4. Eye Of The Furnace 6/1/2006
5. Desert Night 6/1/2006
6. Broken Flame 12/3/2007
7. A Tide Of Thought 12/17/2007
8. Nature's Lance 2/11/2008
9. Lest We Forget 4/8/2010
10. In The Pocket Of Poverty 5/15/2011
11. A Vision To Hold 5/19/2011
12. The Balance 6/2/2011
13. Memory Recall 6/4/2011
14. Pillow Talk 6/7/2011
15. The Unveiling 8/17/2013
16. Called To The Bar 8/25/2013
17. A Rude Awakening 3/1/2014
18. Judgment Day 3/1/2014
19. Desert Land 3/8/2014
20. Early Morning 3/29/2014
21. The Black Horse Cometh 4/2/2014
22. Such Solemn Service 4/6/2014
23. Flight From The Fall 5/15/2014
24. Carenage 9/11/2014
25. A Trini Christmas 12/22/2014
26. On The Rocks 9/7/2013
27. Lord Of The Dance 6/29/2013
28. To Daddy....In Loving Memory 1/10/2011
29. Today With Thanks 4/17/2011
30. Sugar Cane 2/23/2014
31. No Love, No Light, No Logic 5/2/2011
32. Homecoming 3/18/2014
33. Unpaid Bills Of Humanity 6/1/2006
34. No Tears For Me -new- 8/26/2015
35. When Darkness Falls 7/28/2013
Best Poem of Robert Dummett

When Darkness Falls

The moon slides peeling the orange sun.
Seaward seagulls sign a truce of silence,
But cricket has not read the script
And bowls a babble to bats leaving crease
Running out for the night,
Frog, prince of the slime and puffed up like a
Pharisee notes the pitch, pulls no bull,
Hops and tosses a beamer in bass.
The beach buttons up its khaki suit
And sands the galvanize sea smooth,
Save for lover's slaps upon rocky heads;
The lighthouse stands as proud as a phallus-
To ships a friendly flasher,
To buoys a phosphorous professor,
A blast from a ...

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The Great Leveller

Silently she stalks the corridors of time,
A piper faceless in a world of mist,
Her chord, a dirge dreaded by mice and men
Rattles shields even of the gods -
Immortality shakes in a change key.
Now, the deaf hears her music -
Sombre, insistent, final;
Her performance holds no encore for her
Audience, and in the dark she reigns supreme,

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